Yr 3 Daily Tasks Week beginning 27 April

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all the lovely things you've been posting - keep up the amazing work.
Today we'd like you to do some more reading from The Imaginary, practice your spelling and handwriting skills and solve some fractions word problems. And we've got a lovely shadow art activity for you to do - I had lots of fun doing it ourselves and we think you'll really enjoy it.
Next week in Maths, we'll be moving on to learning about measure and it would be really useful if you had a 30cm ruler that you could use for some of the activities we'd like to share with you. So, if you can, try and get hold of one this weekend. Don't worry if you don't have one - you will be able to do the tasks without a ruler.
Happy Friday everyone - hope you have a lovely day.

Hi Everyone,
It was great to see so many of you at our Zoom meeting yesterday, especially those of you that couldn't make it last week. We've been missing you very much and it's a lovely thing to be able to have a catch up and a bit of fun all together.
On to today's tasks - another extract from the brilliant book 'The Imaginary', writing your alliterative poem, subtracting fractions, and some learning about latitude and longitude.
Keep posting or emailing all your awesome work - we're really loving seeing everything you're all doing. 
Have a lovely day.

Hi Everyone,
We're really looking forward to our Zoom meeting this afternoon - we've got a little quiz planned, so you'll need something to jot down your answers on. We're not going to all show our answers, but it'll be useful for you to have a pen and paper with you.
Make sure you've read all the information we posted yesterday, as there are a few new things you'll need to know about making sure everyone is safe, kind and respectful during our meetings.
So, on to today's tasks - there's some more reading from The Imaginary, some writing of alliterative poetic sentences, some more addition of fractions and a new 'PE with Mr B' video and activity to enjoy.
Hope you have a lovely day - hope to see you all later.

Hi Everyone,
Today's tasks include adding fractions, continuing your reading about 'The Imaginary', create an alliterative word collection for your poem and research nautical navigation.
We've also added an invitation to our weekly Zoom meeting plus some really important information for you and parents about our Zoom meetings.
Keep posting all your wonderful work - we're really enjoying seeing everything you've been doing.
Stay safe and have a lovely day.

Hi Everyone,
We hope you've had a lovely weekend and have been able to enjoy the sunshine.
Here are today's tasks. There's some more reading from 'The Imaginary' by A.F. Harrold, a new Joseph Coelho poem that we think you'll enjoy, some decimal numbers learning, and some historical research about John Cabot for you to have a look at.
As always, we're really enjoying seeing all the hard work you're all doing - keep posting and keep up all the wonderful things you are doing to keep learning, keep busy, keep being kind and keep safe.