Yr 3 Half Term Big & Small Plate Challenge

Hi Everyone, 
Here are some home learning challenges for you to get your teeth into over the half-term week. 
Next term, we will be finishing of our flag designs and then moving on to our new Enquiry - 'How do plants thrive?' So our 'plate' challenges are mostly linked to next term's enquiry but also look back on some of the healthy eating learning we have looked at before.
As always, you can post your work on Seesaw, or email it to us directly. We're really missing you all so it's great to be able to see what you've all been up to.
We hope you all have a relaxing and peaceful half-term and we'll be back with more Daily Tasks on Monday 1st June. 
Ms A, Mr B, Ms Macnab and the rest of the team at Hillcrest xx