Yr 3 Term 1 2019 Homework

25 October 2019
Hi Hillcrest
This half-term we thought it would be fun if we challenged you to take a photo of yourselves reading in an odd place. It could be up a tree or in a swimming pool; it is completely up to you, so get creative. You can post your photo on Seesaw or email it to school.
In other news, there will be no new spellings set for Y2-6 over the holiday. The first spelling test for Yrs 2-6 will be on Friday, November 8th and will be a revision test (so 10 random spellings chosen from the tests in Term 1). 
Have a fun and restful break and we'll see you on November 4th. 
Many thanks 
Ciaran McIntyre
Deputy Head

Year 3 Seesaw homework – 11.10.19

Hi Year 3,

As we’ll be writing a biographical fact file about Harriet Tubman next week, we thought you might enjoy creating something similar about the significant events in your own life.

As always, you can present your homework however you choose – we look forward to seeing what you create.

Hello Year 3 

Our enquiry question this term is… How do we find out about people from the past?

This week we’ve been thinking about sources of historical information…

  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Archaeology
  • Artefacts
  • Old buildings or ruins
  • Census information
  • Letters and diaries
  • And you can ask people who were there at the time!


Your challenge this week is to talk to an older person about an aspect of our local area that has changed. You could talk to a parent, a grandparent, a neighbour or a family friend.

You can present your learning in any way you choose – it could be a video, a presentation, a piece of writing or anything else that demonstrates what you have found out.