Yr 3 Term 4 2017

Here's our Topic Web for Term 4, available to download below.
Yr 3 Pancake Day celebrations!  We started with a pancake flipping competition (including one for adults) and then moved on to relays.  There was such a HUGE parent turn out - thank you all for coming and joining in the fun.
World Book Day!
We've been learning about plants and investigating what seeds need to germinate and grow.
It's Science Week.  We made bath bombs!  We combined an acid (citric acid) and an alkali (sodium bicarbonate) so the chemical reaction will make them fizz when they're dropped in the bath.  
Some of them came out perfectly but others either didn't stick together or started expanding and fizzing whilst they were in the moulds.  It was interesting trying to work out what might have gone wrong... that's real science.
The classroom smells gorgeous now!
We've been learning about women in science. We chose our favourite female scientist and made a Top Trump card...
Our rocket experiment: 

This experiment demonstrated how a build up in pressure can launch a rocket.

As we pumped air through the water the pressure inside the bottle built up until the force of the air pushing on the water was enough to push the cork out of the end of the bottle. The water rushed out of the bottle in one direction whilst the bottle pushed back in the other. This resulted in the bottle shooting upwards dramatically!

3CS's trip to Burrington Combe...
... and 3EG's trip to Church Farm to learn all about dairy farming.
3EG's Trip to Church Farm by Elodie and Eliott 
On Tuesday 28th March 2017 3EG went on a school trip to a dairy farm.  We were all so excited. When we got there we went outside to play while Mr Les and Helen got what we were going to do next.  After we got inside Mr Les made us guess what foods were made out of milk and wheat also he got us to guess a thing we couldn’t make and it tastes sweet and the answer was honey.  We went on a lovely walk around the farm.  The weather was amazing.  We also got to see the baby calves and the cows being milked which was really interesting.  One of the best parts was when we got to lie down in the sunshine and look at the clouds and think about our day.  We had such a great day and we learned lots of facts about farms and wildlife.