Yr 4 Daily Tasks Week beginning 23 March

Daily Learning - Friday 27th March
Enquiry Project.
Have a look at the PDF below to understand about our enquiry mini project and the PowerPoints to help you with your learning.  This could take place over 6 days, or you can do more than 1 in a day if you wish.  We look forward to seeing your final projects.

Daily Learning - Friday 27th March 2020


Complete today's Flashback

Then have a go at this mathematical problem.

Nine-pin Triangles

How many different triangles can you make on a circular pegboard that has nine pegs?




Your challenge today is to complete your story then draw 3 illustrations to show your 3 favourite parts of the story.  I will load mine up when I’ve finished writing the story and drawn my illustrations.

 Do you have a favourite illustrator? You could use them for inspiration

Further Challenge:

Could you create a front cover and a blurb for your story?

You could even type your story up and turn it into a book.  It would be great to then create this into a class story book when we return.



Read through the text about Garden Birds and answer the questions.  If this has inspired you, why not go to https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-families/family-wild-challenge/activities/do-a-wildlife-survey/ and have a go at spotting nature around your homes.


Life Skills Showing Kindness, Spreading some cheer and Gratitude

You may have noticed that some houses around you are placing rainbows in their window to show some kindness, spread a smile and show gratitude towards the NHS.

Your challenge this weekend is to create a rainbow to put in a front window.

Mrs Loader has attached the rainbow she made with her boys, Aiden and Alex.

You could paint, draw, colour, or make a rainbow. I look forward to seeing rainbows spread across seesaw.


Hi All,
We are sorry for any confusion with today's mathematicians learning.  Under this message is an extra explanation sheet to give some pointers into tackling the questions (and also the answers - shhhh, don't tell the children :) )


Daily Learning – Thursday 26th March 2020



Complete the flash back

Today we are learning to count in hundredths.  Watch the video to help you understand how to do this, then solve the questions on the attachment below




I have continued writing my narrative and have started to write the problem.  This is definitely one long story.  I hope you are enjoying writing yours as much as I am writing mine!   Read the WAGOLL attachment for some ideas of What a Good One Looks Like.. How could you build suspense and tension for the reader? I have used different sentence lengths to help build in the suspense. Can you do something similar? Remember, keep looking at the GAPS sheet for ideas about what the reader would like and not like.



Today read the extract from the 1st chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Write your own retrieval (the answer is in the text to find) and inference (reading between the lines) questions for others to solve.

E.g Retrieval question:

How are Mrs Potter and Mrs Dursley related?


Why was Mr Dursely in such a good mood until lunch time?



Usually on a Thursday we have some fun being computational thinkers (thinking logically to solve a problem.) Today I would like you to go to https://turtleacademy.com/ and create an interesting picture.

We have learnt: fd (forward) rt (turn right) lt (turn left) pu (pen up) pd (pendown) setcolor(change pen colour using numbers 1-15, or if you type 16 you get a random colour - it is also meant to be spelt color as HTML is american and you have to use the american spellings) What will you code?


Life Skills:

Have a go at using the vacuum cleaner to help clear up messes around the home, give your parents/carers some rest and let them sit down whilst you do it.  Show some extra kindness!




Daily Learning – Wednesday 25th March 2020



Complete the flash back and the speedy times table.

Today we are learning to divide a 2 digit number by 10.  Lots of you had a go on Monday, but if you were unsure, watch the video to help you solve these questions.

1)      23 ÷ 10 =

2)      46 ÷ 10 =

3)      98 ÷ 10 =

4)      83 ÷ 10 =

5)      40 ÷ 10 =


1)      3.4 ÷ 10 =

2)      2.7 ÷ 10 =

3)      657 ÷ 10 =

4)      64.3 ÷ 10 =



I have continued to write the build-up of my narrative and have attached it as a WAGOLL. Have a read through. How could you extend your build-up further engage the reader? I have used some different fonts, thinking back to when we read Dragon's of Crumbling Castle by Sir Terry Pratchett and tried to use this to influence my writing. Can you do something similar? Remember, keep looking at the GAPS sheet for ideas about what the reader would like and not like.



Read a book for pleasure and then write a book review about it.  Why might other people enjoy this book? What was your favourite part?  Don’t give too much away though.

Mrs Loader will be reading the Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.  She will post a picture.  Happy reading!

Remember Audible are streaming lots of children's books free to listen to as well.



Write a persuasive letter to convince people to buy fish with the MSC logo on it.

Remember to use facts and information and emotive language.


Life Skills:

Help with setting the table ready for a meal.  Where does the cutlery need to go? You could also link to this making a simple meal for you and your family.



Daily Learning Tasks - Tuesday 24th March 2020
Complete today's flashback.
Can you use logical thinking and your problem solving skills to solve these two mathematical problems involving dividing a 1 digit number by 10. Use the video from yesterday to help you if you become stuck. I look forward to seeing your explanations
Today's Reading comprehension is all about the Fidget Spinner. What will you find out?
The last 2 days you have been writing your narratives. Look at the GAPS sheet at what features you have already included. Have you put in anything in the reader would not like? If you have missed any features, or added something you think the reader will not like, edit your writing.
Over the last few days you have been looking at animals and endangered animals. I would like you explore what MSC.org and WWF means and what they do to help animals. You could make a poster, record a video, or write a fact file.
Life Skills:
Today's life skills involves you looking at your clothes washing and working out what is best to put together. Use the label inside your clothes to help you. An idea for sorting washing could also involve socks and underwear together, whites as a separate load and then colours. Let me know what you learn from the clothes labels.
Extra Activity - Athletes:
At 9am, Joe Wicks will be live on Youtube for a workout. Have a go!
Year 4 Daily Learning Tasks - Monday 23rd March 2020
Complete the Flash back
Then, watch the video below and then answer these questions using the same method.
1) 3 ÷ 10 =
2) 9 ÷ 10 =
3) 7 ÷ 10 =
4) 2 ÷ 10 =
5) 8 ÷ 10 =
Challenge 2 digit number by 10:
1) 23 ÷ 10 =
2) 36 ÷ 10 =
3) 97 ÷ 10 =
Read the text about Roald Dahl's amazing life, the answer the questions
Re-read what you wrote on Friday,  then continue writing the next paragraph.  Try to engage your reader by including a small amount of speech to help show the character's thoughts and emotions.  See the next WAGOLL -Build Up (What A Good One Looks Like)  to help you.
Last Monday we went to Ashford Water Works to explore how water is treated. Your task is to create a poster to explain 1 or more ways they treat the water that is collected in the reservoir. Some extra information you could add: Can you remember how many litres of water is stored there and how much is used each day?
Life Skills:
Today, help put out the recycling ready for collection tomorrow. Which items go in which coloured collection box?
Year 4 Daily Learning Tasks - Friday 20th March
Complete the Flashback.
Decimals problem solving activity - see below.
Read through the extract and answer the questions. 
Using the example beginning of a story you were given yesterday (the WAGOLL - What A Good One Looks Like) write your own beginning of a story. Use innovation, be creative and think of your reader at all times! 
Yesterday you researched why certain species are endangered. As you know, there are a range of reasons - from loss of habitat, to pollution, to fishing and hunting. Your job now is to think of ways that these species can be protected - educating others is the first step - but there are many others. How many different ways can you come up with? 
Life Skills: 
Make your bed every morning! 
Year 4 Daily Tasks Thursday 19th March
First watch the video and complete the Flashback.
Then work through the PowerPoint  below. 
Read through the extract and answer the questions. 
Read through the example story. 
Identify what makes the story a good one. 
See if you can find any
  • expanded noun phrases
  • fronted adverbials
  • speech to develop the plot and character
  • inference of character's feelings
We have already researched endangered animals, and found examples of these, and where they are from. 
Your next task is to find out why  these animals are endangered. 
You can present this learning in whatever format you want - from an informative poster, to a mind map. 
Life skills:
Your challenge is to make your own lunch. Take a picture and post it to Seesaw!