Yr 4 Daily Tasks Week beginning 27 April

Daily Learning – Friday 1st May 2020


Today we have some problems to solve.

The questions suitable for us are numbers 1-4, with number 5 being a challenge.

Why not challenge an adult to have a go at some of the other puzzles, or work together to see if you can solve any of the other ones.

We look forward to seeing your solutions.




Watch the spelling strategies and tips video.

Once you have watched the video - can you think of any spelling strategies you can use to help you with more challenging words?

Today we are going to be focusing on the Years 3 and 4 statutory spelling words. Some of them are very challenging and quite often you can't use your knowledge of phonics to help you.

Work through the activities below (you don't have to do them all today!), correcting any spelling mistakes Mr Whoops has made.

Be creative with your strategies! The answers are on pages 11 and 12.



Today's reading session is slightly different.

I would like you to read through the newspaper article about a lottery won, but this time, instead of answering questions - I want you to create your own.

See if your parent or sibling can answer the questions you created.

Remember to use a range of retrieval (you can find the answer in the text) and inference questions (where you need to interpret the information to find the answer).



Attached are lots of interesting facts about what we have learnt so far.

Lots of them I didn't know - like the fact about toothpaste!

Research the water cycle and states of matter (this could be using the internet, or any books you have at home) and create your own set of facts to share with others.

The more interesting and wacky the better! Enjoy.


Life Skills:

As we all know, resilience is a key skill we work on at Hillcrest and we use resilience every day in school.

Sometimes challenging yourself outside of school is slightly more difficult.

It is very easy to say 'I can't do it!' In fact, I said that today on a bike ride. I have been challenging myself to cycle up some of the more steep hills by me (no, not as steep as Park Street!), and I've definitely needed resilience to do so. Something that has helped is setting myself a target, and trying to go that little bit further, or faster every day.

Challenge yourself to do something you have either found difficult in the past (and given up), or think of something new.

It can be ANYTHING. I look forward to seeing how you get on!

Daily Learning – Thursday 30th April 2020


Have a go at today’s flashback, which is also at the start of today’s tutorial video.  We are exploring how to order money today.

Today’s questions are below, and if you would like a further challenge, have a go at the challenge questions.




Watch today’s tutorial video about word classes, then have a go at identifying word classes in action.

If you would like a further challenge, write a list of words which are more than one word class. Can you use them in a sentence to show their differences?



Read through the text and answer the questions.

*Remember to write in full sentences, using correct punctuation!*



Have a read through the challenge cards and complete as many as you can.

I am looking forward to seeing your creativity when creating an A-Z of states of matter!


Life Skills:

Organisation is a really important life skill.

Today I want you to organise something in your house - it could be your wardrobe, a kitchen cupboard (I organised mine the other day and found tins from 2017!!), toys or whatever you think needs sorting out.

 Post a photo - you could even do a 'before' and 'after' photo!

Daily Learning – Wednesday 29th April 2020


Have a go at today’s flashback, which is also a the start of today’s tutorial video.  We are moving on to money today as this will link with our decimals learning.

Today’s questions are below, and if you would like a further challenge, have a go at the challenge questions.




I have started off a story which includes a range of conjunctions, sentence types and sentence openers.

 Your challenge today is to continue the story.

Where will yours take you?

I have highlighted my conjunctions, can you do the same with yours?



Read the extract about fossils.

There are 3 different levels - 3 stars being the most difficult one, and 1 star being the least difficult.

Choose the level that challenges you.

The answers for each level are posted for you to mark your work.



We have heard of evaporation and condensation through our work to do with the water cycle. The video below will give you a quick reminder if you need it:


Explore the PowerPoint below and complete the experiments!

*You don't need to print the results sheets out - you can create your own results table!*


Life Skills:

As lockdown continues, it is extremely important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health.

With this in mind, your Life Skills "lesson" is about looking after your mental health.

Some ways people do this are:

Reading a book somewhere quiet




Making something



 So have a go at something mindful today. Why not post a picture to show what you have done to help relax your mind and help your mental health.

Daily Learning – Tuesday 28th April 2020



Have a go at today’s flashback, it is also at the beginning of the video, then watch the video to help you understand about halves and quarters and their decimal equivalents

If you would like a further challenge, have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions below.




Yesterday you were looking at how to use co-ordinating and sub-ordinating conjunctions to make compound and complex sentences, rewatch the video for a reminder if you need it.

Today, you will need to play with a partner. Use the sentences and any of the conjunctions on the sheet, or others if you can think of to complete the sentences to make them into compound of complex sentences. You do not need to write these down, you could record yourself and post a video of yourself up playing the game. Who can come up with the silliest sentence? If you would like a further challenge, can you take it in turns to add to the previous sentence, a bit like playing consequences.

 Have fun!



Read the information text about Bearded Dragons and answer the questions.

 The answers are on page 6 for you to mark your own work if you want to!



Today we are going to be focusing on changing states of matter. As we know, we can freeze water to make ice, and then heat it up again to make water. We have changed it from a liquid, to a solid, and back to a liquid again. It is also a reversible change as we can change it back to its original liquid state after we have turned it into a solid. However, not all changes are reversible - some are irreversible. Have a look at the website below. There is a video to watch, some information to read and a fun game to play. All of this will help you with your understanding of today's task.


Once you have explored the website, have a look through the PowerPoint, answering any questions and doing any experiments or investigations necessary to find the answers!

Embrace your inner Scientist!


Life Skills:

Before the humble telephone came along, letter writing was the popular way to get a message to someone.

At the moment, we are unable to see a lot of family members and friends that we are close to. Show them how much they are missed - and that you're thinking about them - by writing them a letter.

Letter writing does take more time than a phone call, but just think how happy it will make your loved one when they open up the letter and know that you have taken the time to write to them.

Daily Learning Monday 27th April 2020


Today we are learning to round decimals to the nearest integer (whole number) The flashback at the beginning of the video we did on Friday, so please ignore this bit.

Have a go at the questions. If you would like a challenge, have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions.  I look forward to seeing your solutions as well as your answers




Watch the attached video to understand about the 3 different sentence types and how to use co-ordinating and sub-ordinating conjunctions, then have a go at the work below.

If you would like a further challenge, write your own innovative sentences using different conjunctions.  Good luck.



Read the newspaper article about Tim Peake and answer the questions. The answers are on pages 5 and 6 so you could even mark your own work!



Last week you learnt the difference between a solid, a liquid and a gas (the three states of matter).

The video link below goes into a bit more detail about the properties of each state of matter:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wclY8F-UoTE (this is also below)

On the sheet below are some fun investigations that you can do with household items (there is no need to print any of the sheets off - it just gives you the information you need, and the investigations can easily be discussed).

Take some photos of your investigations to share with others!


Life Skills:

As the weather has been so lovely lately, the flowers in the garden are growing nicely, but that also means the weeds are too. As the weather is meant to be a little cooler than it was over this weekend, it would be a perfect time to have a go at trying to de-weed some of your gardens, or flowerpots. Check with an adult that you are pulling up unwanted flowers, just in case! Happy weeding.


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