Yr 4 Term 2 2016

Here's our Topic Web for Term 2, available to download below.
Some of the things we want to find out about Trajan's Column in Rome
Our trip to the Roman fortress at Caerleon
As part of our investigation into ancient cultures, we have been doing some Maths using Roman numerals and learning about the Greek alphabet.  Miss Wilson even marked our work in Latin and Greek!
We discovered that the names WE use for shapes, such as hexagon, pentagon and octagon, derive from the Greek words for the number of sides they have!
A piece of writing to be really proud of... all about the Roman invasion of Britain
4HW have been doing some amazing Maths investigations and have discovered some very interesting patterns...
... and making factor bugs!
4NA solving a tricky Maths problem
We have been studying Trajan's Column in Rome: a history of the Roman Empire carved in stone. 4HW were inspired to create their own 'Wilson's Column', documenting the history of 4NA's year so far!