Yr 4 Term 3 2016

Here's our Topic Web for Term 3, available to download below.
Our local history project.... bringing history alive!

Part of our English and History Topic work: an impassioned debate about the demolition of a large part of Totterdown and the Three Lamps junction (where the New Walls development now stands) in the 1970s.

Half the class were arguing that the houses should go to make way for a new ring road for the benefit of the whole city, the other half were fighting to save the local community.

(The houses WERE demolished, along with the shops that lined the Wells Road, to make way for the ring road which was never built.  The planners ran into too much opposition in the north of the city.)

There was a great atmosphere in class and every single child seemed to be engaged and enjoying the debate... the proof will be in Friday's Big Write!



... and so it was!
Some REALLY outstanding personal recounts from our Big Write!
Miss Wilson's class were very lucky to be chosen to plant some trees in Perretts Park!  It was cold and muddy but lots of fun.
Some typical, Totterdown terraced houses - great project work!