Yr 4 Term 5 2016

Here's our Topic Web for Term 5, available to download below.
We're learning about drawing what we see, rather than what we THINK we see.  Look at these gorgeous, vigorous, observational drawings we've been doing with Ms Sharples and Mrs Bonner.  We drew them without looking at the paper at all.
We've been writing performance poetry.
Here's a really brilliant poem by Izzy in 4HW:

Word Army

Word Army in formation,”

Said Commander Proper Noun,

“Undercover adjectives,

The enemy is here, get down”


“Capital letters on the front,

Full stops shoot from behind,

Spaces will go in between,

And words, get on the line.”


As the commander made his speech,

The homophones messed around,

They kept on confusing people,

By making the same sound.


The commander, he ignored them,

And carried on speaking loudly,

He smiled at the adverbs,

And they beamed back proudly.

He continued,


“Our battleship, the Spelling Bee,

Scares away any enemies,

Flying up and down,

And around and around”

He finished, filled with glee.


All the words,

They watched in awe,

At Commander Proper Noun.

The adjectives red, pink and green,

The adverbs, they spoke quite quietly,

The pronouns, they watched him speak,

The verbs, giggled and whispered,

All the Word Army,

Waiting in the dictionary.


Get well soon Ms Ackerman!  We miss you.
We've been exploring metaphors, similies and personification.
We've been illustrating homophones - words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.
Making bread with Miss Norman and Mrs Fear.