Yr 5 2014/15 Term 2

Here's our topic web for Term 2, available to download below.
Here is a clip of our Mama Africa performance
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Thinking about our Mayan project
The Mayans worshipped the sun.  Here are some of our sun images.
Estimating time.  We all closed our eyes and each put our hand up when we thought one minute had passed.
A Mayan village, complete with farm animals
Working on our Mayan city.  We're looking forward to putting it all together and showing it off on Open Classroom day.  Thank you to the parents who came to help with our buildings.
Mr Browse having a VERY close look inside a Mayan house.  There's a hammock inside!
Some of our Yr 5 children were lucky enough to go on a Physics enrichment day at St Bernadette's Secondary School.
Some wonderful Mayan 'jade' jewellery (and a lizard!) made out of painted salt dough
Our Mayan city