Yr 5 Term 3 2016

Here's our Topic Web for Term 3, available to download below.

Year 5 Recommended Reading for Term 3

Below is a list of classic children’s literature, all written during the historical period we are studying this term.

Five Children and It                        E. Nesbit                         1902

Just So Stories                                Rudyard Kipling              1902

The Tale of Peter Rabbit                 Beatrix Potter                  1902

King Arthur and His Knights           Howard Pyle                    1902-3

The Call of the Wild                        Jack London                    1903

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm         Kate Douglas Wiggin        1903

A Little Princess                             Frances Hodgson Burnett 1905

The Railway Children                     E. Nesbit                          1906

White Fang                                    Jack London                     1906

Anne of Green Gables                   Lucy Maud Montgomery   1908

The Wind in the Willows                Kenneth Grahame            1908

The Secret Garden                        Frances Hodgson Burnett 1909/1911

Peter and Wendy                          J. M. Barrie                        1911

The Lost World                            Sir Arthur Conan Doyle      1912

Pollyanna                                    Eleanor H. Porter                1913

The Magic Pudding                     Norman Lindsay                 1918

The Story of Doctor Dolittle        Hugh Lofting                      1920

We have had a really exciting workshop about parliamentary democracy.
We're working hard on developing our group gymnastic routines...
Building up exciting textures on our woodland collages
Cooking with Reading Champion, Mrs Price. Incorporating reading and writing into an activity you really enjoy can make literacy purposeful and relevant.
A couple of the gorgeous Natural World collages we've been working on in our Art sessions with Mrs Bonner and Ms Sharples.  Don't miss the exhibition at Paintworks!
Raph came to talk to us about what it was like for him growing up in Totterdown.  He came to this school when he was a boy.  He had lots of stories to tell about his aunty, who has lots of memories of the area.  We were amazed when he told us how little houses used to cost!
Mrs Fleming told us about an elderly neighbour who used to live on Hawthorne Street.  Her father's family were the first people to move into her house when it was brand new in 1896.  Her father came to this school when it cost twopence ha'penny a week to attend.  He came to school early each day because it was his job to ring the bell (still on the roof of the KS1 wing) to call the children to school.
Local History investigation