Yr 5 Term 6 2017

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‘Totterdownton Abbey’ dramas

In the final week of Term 5, 5ES embarked on an exciting cross-curricular writing, drama and media project, requiring us to research, plan, script, resource, film and edit a scene for a period drama.

The Process

  1. For insight and inspiration, we watched extracts from Episode 1 of Season 1 of ITV's ‘Downton Abbey’.

  2. We discussed what it taught us about Edwardian society: world events, the class system, domestic roles, fashion, interiors, food, language, names etc.

  3. We read, performed and discussed part of the actual ‘Downton Abbey’ script.

  4. We got into our groups and planned a scene, set either ‘Upstairs’ or ‘Downstairs’. We thought critically and creatively about characters, plot, setting and dialogue. 

  5. We wrote a television script for our scene, which incorporated camera shots as well as stage directions and dialogue.

  6. We agreed our roles, both in front of and behind the camera.

  7. We researched typical Edwardian tea time treats, chose one for our scene and enjoyed a lovely baking session with Miss Wyatt.

  8. We sourced and/or made props and costumes for our scene.

  9. We rehearsed our scene.

  10. We filmed our scene.

  11. We edited our scene.

National film review winners!  Well done!
Our Hillcrest'o'Vision entry... Revolting Children from Tim Minchin's musical Matilda.
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