Yr 5 Term 6 2021

To our wonderful Year 5s
Welcome back! We hope you all had a nice half-term break and got to spend lots of quality time with your friends and family.
As we sail into our final term of the year, we have lots of exciting things coming up, including Camp, Hillcrest-o-vision, Poetry Day and lots more!
A letter about Camp has now gone out to your grown-ups. Please speak to us if you need a copy. Camp will be from Monday 28th June - Wednesday 30th June. Miss North and Mr Wilson will be holding two Zoom meetings on Monday 21st June for any questions you may have: Miss North will be available at 4pm and Mr Wilson will be available at 7pm - these are open to families from both Canaries and Woodpeckers.
As last term, we’d remind you about the need to be sun safe in this summer term. Please make sure you bring water bottles to school, wear sun-cream and bring in hats to wear at break times. You should also ensure your PE kits are appropriate for the season.
Now, let’s have a look at this term’s learning. Below is an overview of what you’ll be learning about in some of your lessons this term:
A Snapshot of Your Learning this Term…
We are Curious: This term, we will be merging together our enquiry, reading and writing lessons as we dive into history to discover How Can You Show What You Believe In? We will kick off by learning about the Maya Civilisation, including their culture, impact and beliefs before moving on to compare the Maya civilisation to that of the Ancient Greeks.
During the term, we will read a range of short texts related to our enquiry to extend our historical knowledge as well as developing our reading skills, particularly focusing on our ability to give detailed and justified responses to inference and choice questions.
We will also be using our enquiry learning to inspire our writing this term, including creating our own radio adverts to persuade people to visit Maya city-states.
We are Mathematicians: In our final term together, we will continue to develop our understanding of decimals, where we’ll be learning to add and subtract decimal numbers. We will also cement our understanding of place value further by multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000.
After, we will move on to properties of shape, where we’ll will measure, calculate and draw angles on a straight line and around a point, and compare and calculate the areas of rectangles (including squares) using standard units.
We will continue our daily times tables practice, first focusing on the 6x table and then the 7x table. We would recommend that these are practiced at home to help boost your confidence and speed in answering.
We are so excited to spend another term with our two fantastic classes. Please remember that if there’s anything on your minds - be it worries, upsets, concerns or even if you just need someone to have a chat to - we’re always here for you… and that goes for your lovely grown-ups too!