Yr 6 2014/15 Term 1

Here's our topic map for this term, available to download below.
Making carbon dioxide by mixing an acid (vinegar) and an alkali (sodium bicarbonate)
Making a 'bubble bomb' - filling the 'bomb casing' with vinegar
Preparing the 'time release capsule' - sodium bicarbonate wrapped in tissue
Releasing the capsule and giving the 'bomb' a shake to activate it
Stand well back!
In Reading Week we were lucky enough to have a visit from children's author Tracy Alexander who talked to us about how she creates the characters in her books. We had a really exciting workshop with her, making up our own characters.
We had a fantastic day out at the National Trust reserve in Leigh Woods
They wanted our ideas for developing the play area
We came up with some REALLY exciting play structures!
Our ideas will be seriously considered when the National Trust design the new play area
Black History Week - We had a visit from Hillcrest Parent Angela Nevers to talk about some famous and influential black people
We mixed up some fabulously fruity crumbles!
We've been on the decks with DJ Ivor Wilson, learning how to mix tracks...
... as the finale to our 'In the Mix' topic.
Thank you to the Friends of Hillcrest for funding this exciting and enriching experience.
We really enjoyed showing our parents some of the things we've been doing this term!