Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week beginning 11 May

Friday 15th May
We are authors - As it is the end of the school week, today would be a great day to finish off your La Luna narratives. Just to reiterate what Mr Boyle said yesterday, we would love for you to share your writing to Seesaw so that we can give you feedback. If you are not  comfortable with sharing to Seesaw, emailing a photo of your work to us personally is another great option. Remember that even if you have already finished your narrative, we should always be looking for opportunities to edit and improve our work whilst always keeping our reader in mind.
We are readers - Please find below today's chapter 13 audio reading of 'Under the Lights' with accompanying questions.
We are mathematicians - Today's maths challenge is all about making pyramids. This investigation will be done best in a practical way so if you have cubes at home please use these. If you don't have cubes, drawing the pyramids would also be a helpful way to visualise your problem. Like in yesterday's investigation, it would be great if you could spot any kind of pattern in the number of cubes needed to make each pyramid so that you can make predictions on the future number of cubes you would need for larger pyramids. Enjoy!
We are linguists - Please visit Miss Wilson's home learning page for activities that will keep your French language learning ticking over. It is such an amazing skill to speak a second language so it would be shame if we lost our linguistic talents whilst we're away from school. https://www.hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk/website/french_from_miss_wilson/468275
We are celebrators - This was always one our my favourite parts of the week. The Friday celebration assembly where we came together as a school to praise the roles models who display our four elements every day. Therefore, we thought it would be lovely if you guys could celebrate each other today. Please leave a comment or video on Seesaw where you choose one of your peers for special praise. This could be for a time they have helped or been especially kind to you, an area of learning you have seen them work particularly hard in or maybe you just want to celebrate that they are always a great friend. The more you can link your celebration choice to one or all of our four elements (resilience, innovation, partnerships, excellence) the better.
Chapter 13 questions
1) Can you name two changes from the first paragraph that have happened as a result of the exams being over?
2) What parts do Ash and Janelle get in 'Twelfth Night'?
3) What secret plan do you think Ash and Mr Rivers have come up with for the Leaver's Assembly?
4) Can you use the description of an 'aye-aye' to draw an illustration of it?
5) Noah tells them that the 'aye-aye' is an endangered type of lemur. What does endangered mean?
6) How is the zoo trying to help in this problem?
7) What simile is used to describe how Ash is feeling as the end of term grew closer? What is the effect of this simile?
8) Why does Ash wait until everybody has left the classroom to open his exam results?
9) Miss Underbridge helps Ash to feel better after he opens his results. Find evidence in the text to support this viewpoint.
10) 'We grinned at each other and strolled out of the school gates in the streaming sunshine' This final sentence of the chapter is an example of a literary technique called pathetic fallacy. Can you find out what pathetic fallacy means and define it in your own words?

Friday 15th May

Hello From Mrs Hendy!

Art Lovers! The Tate modern gallery is a fantastic art gallery in London, and although we can’t visit at the moment, its ‘Tate Kids’ website has lots of great things for kids to explore and learn. You can create art (and share it), learn about famous artists and take part in fun quizzes. I think it’s great for all ages. Show your parents and carers too maybe?:


Real Life Maths

Oooh I feel like ordering Pizza tonight! 

Work out the sums on the worksheet below remembering to line up the decimal points correctly.(e.g. a £10 note would be £10.00)

If you are working out change, remember to add the total cost, and then subtract the total from the amount money you have given to the shop keeper.

Mrs Hendy’s SPAG

Fact versus Opinion

Fact and opinion is the difference between statement and belief. 

It is important to know the difference between fact and opinion, especially when you are reading a newspaper, writing a report, or perhaps researching a topic that interests you. 

An opinion expresses a belief or a feeling about something, while a fact is a statement that can be proved true with evidence


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Thursday 14th May
Home Learning
Hi everyone, please watch the video for instructions on today's home learning.

We look forward to video chatting with you later:
Owls - 1pm
Swifts - 1.30pm
The details will be published shortly beforehand on Seesaw.

We are authors: Listen to the next chapter of Under the Lights and then answer the accompanying questions.
For your writing, please continue your narrative. Let us know how you are getting on and share your writing with us so that we might give you some feedback.
Also, you should continue to add to your "covide 19 diary". New plans were unveiled on Sunday about schools re-opening. This directly affects you. Write a diary entry about your thoughts on the possibility of going back to school.

We are mathematicians: Follow the instructions on the video and then explore the investigation using the worksheet below.
We are programmers: Follow on with any of the projects we have done so far.

We are athletes: Do something active today! You can choose to go outdoors (but stay safe) or continue your indoor exercise.

As a bit of fun, have a look at the picture below. Amongst the series of vertical and horizontal lines, there are 16 circtles. Can you find them???
We look forward to seeing you all on Zoom later today!
This picture has 16 hidden circles.

Can you find them?

Thursday 14th May

Hello From Mrs Hendy

Just for fun! How to draw a tiger face: 


Real Life Maths

Financial budgeting is where you need to look at what money you have, and how best to spend it. 

Click on this page and watch the video and answer the small quiz:


When you become a teenager, or get a job you may need to start budgeting properly, so that you don’t overspend:





Read the information about Citizenship, and answer the short quiz. See how well you do?


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Wednesday 13th May (National Numeracy day)
As stated in the video, all of today's learning tasks are based on being mathematicians so that we are fully embracing the spirit of National Numeracy Day.
However, as it is a Wednesday, your minds may still be thirsty to become artists, musicians and authors today. As artists, please don't hesitate to visit the Department of Art. I'm sure Music and Singing from Mrs Price will satisfy all of your musical yearnings and as authors, today is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with Under the Lights (if you are behind), finish your La Luna narrative, or add an entry to your lockdown diary. 
Right, onto our Numeracy Day activities...
- Navigate your way through https://numeracyday.com/ which includes videos, interviews, book readings, practical sessions, free resources and puzzles
- Take a look at the resource named 'The mystery of the Brilliant Breakfast'. Can you follow the clues to find out what the brilliant breakfast is? As always, the answer sheets are at the end of the document so please don't refer to these until the end.
- If you enjoyed Mr Taylor's video challenge, then follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-BgbjsRbyM to find many more just like it. The video challenges you to solve each puzzle in 25 seconds but don't worry about this time limit. Just pause the video and restart once you are ready for the answer to be revealed. The best way to do all these challenges is practically so if you have matches (or a match substitute) in your house have a go at setting the problems up so that you can manipulate the matches yourself. 
- The weather at the moment is most definitely ice-cream weather! With this in mind, can you solve the 'Ice cream Maths' resource by working methodically to find all of the double cone combinations? Don't peek at the answer till you think you have all the combinations. 
- Want to continue being mathematicians? Remember you can always visit these great websites:
Happy Numeracy Day!

Wednesday 13th May

Hello from Mrs Hendy!

Just for fun, try making a whale from a sheet of paper, by following this video for origami for kids


Real Life Maths

When you go shopping sometimes you have to quickly work out how much coins add up to. Play the video and games in the link to get started:


Complete this worksheet below in a list.



The more books you read - and the wider your choice of books - the better you will become at understanding what you read. You will be able to understand not only the facts and whatever is obvious - you will also see the underlying and hidden meanings the author has included in the story.

Next time you are reading a book, take some time to look for any unspoken (but hinted at) messages in the story - you may be surprised to find there are plenty!

This quiz below is about a mysterious letter….


Tuesday 12th May
Good morning all. Just to reiterate the message from yesterday, please take a look at the home learning that Mrs Hendy has produced. She spends a lot of time and effort making these sessions fun and engaging and there will definitely be something there for all of you!

We are authors: Please continue with your narrative. Let us know on Seesaw how far you have gotten with this so we know generally where everyone is.
It is really important to ensure your story has a beginning, middle and end - introduction, conflict/dilemma, resolution. 
Based off of La Luna and the exemplar from last week, we are looking to see lots of sensory language in your writing as well as some original figurative language to describe your setting and characters.

Share your writing on Seesaw so that Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle can give you feedback.
The next chapter of Under the Lights is available with questions.

We are mathematicians: Following on from yesterday's investigation, we have another problem for you to explore. Use the activity sheet below (Tower Investigation) to build up number towers.

We are scientists: This week you are going to be learning about the digestive system. This is something that we might take for granted, or indeed some people get a bit squeamish about the process of digestion, so I believe it is really important to understand how it works and the names of the organs involved. After all, all living things take in nutrients and excrete waste!
Check out the video and the Powerpoint and then have a go at the work sheets.

We are athletes: Get physical with Joe Wicks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Gmlq4Zdns&safe=active

Or, because everyone is now allowed unlimited exercise outdoors, enjoy an activity in the sun (but make sure you still follow social distancing rules).

Have a great day!
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Tuesday 12th May 

Hello from Mrs Hendy!

If you want to try a nice relaxing task, try this art lesson (click on the link below, you may want to replay the video and pause it as you go through each step):

We did it at school last week with some of the key worker’s year six kids.


Keep up the typing skills too! (Dance Mat on BBC Bitesize)

Mrs Hendy’s real time maths

See if you can find a mixture of coins in your money box, wallet or borrow from your parents and line them up in order of value. Can you find the whole range of coins? How much do they add up to? 

There are some more maths money problems to solve on the following link: You will need a notepad and pen.


Mrs Hendy’s SPAG


Authors use techniques to keep their readers guessing what will happen next and wondering what the characters are thinking. A good author never gives everything away at once.

This quiz is based on a boy called Jacob and his bike







Monday 11th May
Good morning Year 6,
We hope that you are continuing to stay safe and had an enjoyable bank holiday weekend. If you have any photos to share of VE day celebrations last Friday, we would love to see these added to Seesaw today.
Before I explain today's tasks from Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle, we really wanted to draw your attention to the fact that Mrs Hendy is also adding tasks each week that will support your learning in Maths and SPAG. These tasks are great for closing any gaps there may be in your knowledge and applying what you already know to real-life contexts. Those of you who have worked a lot with Mrs Hendy in school will be aware what a fantastic teacher she is. But please don't feel that if you haven't worked much with Mrs Hendy in school that her tasks won't apply to you. Her work is designed to support all of Year 6 so please check out anything you see that Mrs Hendy adds as it is likely to be helpful and relevant to all of us. Scroll down to the bottom of today's tasks and you will see some challenges that have been added by Mrs Hendy based on improving your Maths, SPAG and computer typing skills - I'm sure you'll enjoy all of them!
Today's tasks from Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle are as follows...
We are authors - Please continue your narrative based on the La Luna animation. So far you have watched La Luna for inspiration, read and analysed an exemplar, planned your own story and begun writing your narrative. Please continue to use all of the available resources so that you are able to produce a short story that is packed-full of features.
The important thing to remember is to paint an image in the reader's minds of this otherworldly setting, the characters and their interesting job. Please review what you have already written before you continue today and look for opportunities to edit and improve once you have finished reading it over. We are really looking forward to reading these, so, when you finish, please post your narrative to Seesaw.
If you are still keeping your coronavirus diary (or even if you haven't added to it for the last couple of weeks) today would be a fantastic day to share what your thoughts are based on Boris Johnson's address to the nation yesterday. The Government message of 'Stay home, save lives, protect the NHS' has now been replaced by 'Stay alert, control the virus, save lives'. Do you think this is a positive move by the government? How have some of the lockdown restrictions changed and what changes could be made at the start of June? Think how these changes could change your daily routine and how do you feel about this? The more facts and feelings you share, the more your diary will be an interesting and informative historical document for your 22nd century reader. Remember that your diary entry can also be done as a Seesaw blog or vlog post. 
We are readers - Please find today's 'Under the Lights'  chapter 10 audio reading and comprehension questions below. 
We are mathematicians - We thought it would be nice to return to a Maths investigation today. You will need to use your knowledge of fractions to find out who stole Prince Harry's wedding speech from the list of distinguished guests at the Royal Wedding. Follow the steps and apply the clues in order to discover the culprit. The answers are at the end of the document so please don't refer to these until you have an answer to check.
We are Geographers - Being able to understand the points of a compass and using them to follow directions is an extremely important geographical skill. Please revise the PowerPoint of the compass points (which has a paired activity that you will need to do with somebody at home) and then apply your learning to the worksheet which has a differentiated task of using compass directions on a squared gird and an extension which challenges you to use a map of the United Kingdom. There are answer sheets for all activities on the same document. 
We are librarians - Remember that Monday was always our day to visit the library and while we understand it is impossible to visit an actual library today, it would still be lovely to hear about you taking yourself away to a quiet place in your house to read a book of your choice. Where did you choose and what book did you read and why? Please share your library-like experiences to Seesaw.
Chapter 10 questions
1) For what reason has Ash forgotten about singing in the Leaver's assembly?
2) '... a blobby shape on a far horizon, was suddenly here: huge, looming and inevitable.'
    What is the punctuation that comes after here (:) called? Why is it used in this sentence?
3) Noah reminds Ash that a semi-colon can be used to join two independent clauses that are 
    related. An example of this is: 'My Aunt has hairy knuckles; she combs them every day.'
    Can you write your own example?
4) What does Janelle try to pretend before the exams start? Why do you think she does this?
5) Which teacher is helping Miss Underbridge with invigilating the exam?
6) There are some really good examples of the author showing us how Ash feels (rather than just telling us) on pages 93 and 94. Can you find two examples of 'Show not tell' and explain what emotion they show us Ash is feeling during the exam?
7) What effect does Janelle running out of the exam have on Ash? Why is this?
8) How does Ash know Janelle has been crying when Miss Underbridge leads her back into the
    exam room?
9) Describe what the end of the chapter shows us about Ash's character and give evidence from the text to support your answer.
10) Do you think Ash and Janelle will cope well in their next exam? Will the deal that they've made help them?

Monday 11th May

Hello To Everyone from Mrs Hendy!


Whilst we are mainly learning from the computer while school is closed down, I thought you could all try learning some typing skills. I’ve used this ‘Dance Mat’ programme before and it really helps with basic typing. You can work your way through the levels at your own pace: 


Share your success on seesaw.

Mrs Hendy’s Real Maths

This week I’ll be sharing some ideas to help with working out change when you are out and about in the shops

If you think you recognise coins and how to add them together, go to this link and choose your level based on your age:


If you need extra help, firstly you will need to know how many coins make up to £1.

There are 100 pennies or 1p coins in £1

There are 50 2p coins in £1

There are 20 5p coins in £1

There are 10 10p coins in £1

There are 5 20p coins in £1

There are 2 50p coins in £1

This game helps you to spot what coins look like and place them in order:


This game helps you to add the right coins together:


Mrs Hendy's SPAG
Comprehension' means 'understanding'.
When you learn to read, you first need to recognise words and understand what they mean.
You will learn to answer 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'how' and 'why' questions.
But comprehending is not always straightforward. Sometimes an author only gives you hints and clues about what is happening and why characters behave the way they do.
Sometimes you only need to read a sentence to understand the meaning, or what the author is trying hint at.
This quiz doesn't have a story to read, just a sentence per question and you need to work out the answers. I suggest you have a try, and then use a dictionary (or google the meanings of word if you don't have one)