Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week beginning 16 November


Good morning everyone! We hope that you are all well and will continue to be well during our isolation period. We know that this can be a strange time so if there is anything we can do to support you at home, let us know.

The good news is that you are all adept home learners because of all the practice from last year!

Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle will be here to support you in anything you need, just email or send a message on Seesaw.

Today we would have continued our Big Write, unfortunately we don't have access to our books therefore we would like you to start your Big Write today afresh (for some of you that may mean starting again).
You have access to the learning walls below and also the outline of the planning sheet and the exemplar/WAGOLL so that you can follow that specific structure.
Use the success tick list so that you ensure that you have all of the features in your writing that we have been analysing. This will give your writing the most impact on our reader - Danish citizens.
We are really looking forward to reading these because we have done a lot of work building up to them!

There are two sheets of word problems - all to do with fractions. Work through as many as you can.
Use RUCSAC to help you solve these and answers must be in words (using part of the questions).

All the best, 

Mr Boyle and Mr Taylor

Please find English the English lessons for this week below:

For maths please follow today's slides on the PDF from Monday.

In English, we are planning our own explanation text with persuasive features. Use the Planning sheet to ensure you include all of the features and follow the correct structure.

As part of our Enquiry we are learning about the role of women during WWII. Look at the powerpoint below and then write two letters. Both to the same friend. You are writing as if you are a woman during the war. The first letter will be to tell your friend how excited you are to be starting a new job (it could be any of those mentioned in the powerpoint). The second letter explains to the friend how annoyed you are that you have just been sacked because the men have all returned from the war.
In English, we are practicing the features of a persuasive letter. Have a look at the examples and then write your own paragraph for each feature. Remember you are writing as the German Government, explaining to the Danish people why occupation is a good thing.
In maths, we are continuing to multiply fractions. The lesson slides are under Monday's home learning.


This week in English we are building up to writing our letter from the German government to the Danish people, explaining why they are occupying their country.

We will be practicing persuasive features tomorrow to encourage the Danish citizens to accept our occupation however we do need to inform them, so today's task is to research key dates and any other relevant information about the German occupation of Denmark.

As mathematicians we are multiplying fractions. Have a look at the PDF below, this has the entire week's work on there (so be sure to read the roman numeral date!)
All the best, 

Mr Boyle