Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week Beginning 18 May

Friday 22nd May
Happy Friday...and it's the last day of term! (Does it not feel like it? Yea me neither).
The last day of term was always one of my favourite days - NO! Not because we were getting a break from all of you (obviously not!) But because it was always a day to consolidate and celebrate everything we had learned throughout the term. It feels odd, therefore, not to be doing this.
However, Mr Taylor, Mrs Hendy and I want to say a massive, huge, megalithic, phantasmagorical "well done" to each and every one of you.
Throughout this term, you have all shown the meaning of growth mindset, flexibility and adaptability with your learning, and tons of resilience; to have completed your first full term in lockdown! 

Finishing off our Mental Health Awareness Week, please find below two tasks. The first is challenging you to find the positives in lockdown - which, at first, may seem hard - and yet, I bet that lots of you have been improving your skills, spending more time on your hobbies, or enjoying the extra time you have with your loved ones.
The second task is getting you to look ahead. Using your art & design skills, create a jar that you can then write, fold and place things that you are really looking forward to - perfect for the situation we find ourselves in!

I have also attached a Friday Maths Challenge sheet below. Start on question 3 and see how many you can do!
We are authors: Here's a creative writing challenge. I am going to give you a writing prompt below. You have to continue on from where I stop...however the challenge is that you can not stop writing. Regardless of what it is, you must keep writing. If you cannot think of anything to continue with then you should just write the last word you wrote until you can continue on with the story.
This is just for fun and the idea is that it forces you to write, so you are not held back by overthinking. 

The young girl stepped off of the train. The dazzling sun attacked her eyes. She blinked and the world began to form. Suddenly she heard his voice...

We would like to wish you a wonderful half term, whatever you get up to! 

If you get desperate for more learning then check out the website for the Big Plate, Small Plate challenge. You can complete as much of this as you like over half term.

All the best!
Thursday 21st May
We are emotionally aware - We began thinking about Mental Health Awareness week yesterday. Looking after our mental health is just as important as our physical health. The more we can discuss mental well being and get our feelings out in the open, the healthier we will be. This was a very important message that we hopefully learnt from our most recent class story, Under the Lights. Please take yourself through today's PowerPoint which will go into further detail about the different mental health problems that we may all experience. This PowerPoint will be done best with discussion so, if possible, please ask somebody in your house to sit with you whilst you go through it. The PowerPoint suggests different activities that could help us to deal with mental health problems. Please try at least one of them today and share on Seesaw how it made you feel.
We are mathematicians - Eating healthily is a great way to improve our physical and mental well being. With this in mind, please try the challenge cards which will hopefully teach us about healthy food options whilst also apply our Maths skills in word problems. 
We are athletes - Now that we are able to go outside a little more, it would be lovely to see some of you share Seesaw videos of some physical activity you have been doing in your garden or even the local park. If you would prefer indoor exercise today, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8X1pvW3Spg for the latest dose of Joe Wicks' daily workouts.
We are computational thinkers - We are looking forward to seeing all of you on today's weekly Zoom catch up. The details for these will be added to Seesaw very soon. Please also feel free to follow on with any of the projects you have already started on the following websites:
Wednesday 20th May
Hi all, 

This week is is Mental Health Awareness Week. The timing couldn't be more perfect.
We know that you have all been experiencing a wide range of emotions because of the situation that we are in! But it is important to remember that feeling emotions is what makes us human! (Otherwise you'd be some sort of robot). 

This year the theme is "kindness", which is such a lovely thing for us all to think about.
With this in mind, I want you all to do at least one kind thing for someone else this week. Think about how amazing that person will feel to have something kind done for them. Now this could be as simple as making them a drink, washing up after yourself, helping around the house or making them a card just to say how much you appreciate them.
We'd love to hear any ideas that you have...and, once completed, the reaction of the "kindness recipient".
I'm going to have a think myself about something kind that I can do this week for someone. I'll let you know how it goes!

There is also a short clip below to remind you of the amazing film (which I absolutely love!) Inside Out. This is just to remind you that each of us experiences these same emotions...and because the clip is funny,

There's a Powerpoint below about positive thinking and "growth mindset", which we are all so familiar with but it is always good to revise what we've previously learnt.

As today would usually be a Music and Art day, please check those sections of the website for additional tasks.

Oh and I have also attached a picture with the answers for Monday's "can you name the chocolate bar" game.

Have a great day!
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Tuesday 19th May
We are authors - Today's author challenge combines your two favourite things...emojis and...you've guessed it...SPAG! You will use your vast SPAG knowledge to find out which dastardly fiend has stolen all of the emojis from mobile phones right before Emoji day. Solve the clues, make the links and crack the case to the save the day (and not just any day...Emoji day!). 
We are mathematicians - Have you ever heard of an escape room? An escape room is a game in which an individual or team discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and escape. Today, you will use mathematical skills to complete 10 clue cards. Each clue card will give you a digit and the clues together will provide you with a 10 digit combination to escape the school hall.
To introduce yourself to the challenge, take yourself through the PowerPoint, but be careful not to take yourself onto the answer slides before you have completed the 10 clue cards that will give you your 10 digit combination. Good luck!
We are athletes - Now that we are able to go outside a little more, it would be lovely to see some of you share Seesaw videos of some physical activity you have been doing in your garden or even the local park. If you would prefer indoor exercise today, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2AkYD10d7Q for the latest dose of Joe Wicks' daily workouts.
We are scientists - Last week you began learning about our digestive systems and the different parts of our body that are involved in this and their functions. Today, you will explore digestion further by discovering the role teeth play in this complex system. Take yourself through the PowerPoint and then complete the teeth labelling activity and/or the crossword.
Monday 18th May
Good morning and happy Monday, we hope you had a lovely weekend!
Let us know if you got up to anything fun on Seesaw.

Here's your home learning for today:
We are authors: The final installment of Under the Lights is below with accompanying comprehension questions.

We hope you enjoyed the story, and that you were able to take something away from it - after all, the story is based on a Year 6 child going through some familiar things.
With that said, for your writing portion of the lesson, we would like for you to write a book review.
You can use any structure you like. Tell us what you liked, what you think might be improved, why someone else may enjoy this book...or anything else that you think would be useful in a review.
We are mathematicians: We have got a fun yet challenging lesson for you today. The theme is Alice in Wonderland (which I love!) Make sure that you go through the slideshow of the Powerpoint so that the answers aren't revealed to you!

We are geographers: Today you are going to learn all about land use in the UK. Go through the Powerpoint and then complete the worksheet...we promise, "land use" actually a lot more interesting than it sounds!
We are readers: We would usually enjoy the library in the afternoon, so make use of somewhere in your house, where you can hunker down and enjoy a good read.

There is also a fun little picture quiz for you to have a go at below. Can you name the chocolate bar just from looking at a cross section? (Some of the chocolate bars might be unfamiliar because they are too old).

Mrs Hendy has posted some additional tasks below so check those out.

Have a lovely day - and as always, post anything to Seesaw that you would like to share.

Monday 18th May

Hello From Mrs Hendy

Beating the Monday Blues…At times we all feel a little anxious, tired or sad, especially at the moment with what is happening all around us. It’s perfectly normal to be feeling these types of emotions.

Try to be aware, or mindful of your feelings, and maybe try some breathing techniques. Below is a short clip from Newsround on Mindfulness. Read the article under the video and click on the top tips at the bottom of the page.


Here is a mindfulness breathing exercise: 


Real Life Maths


We measure small objects with a ruler, and temperature with a thermometer:



Mrs Hendy’s SPAG

When we read we are learning new words (vocabulary) and their meanings all the time. By improving your vocabulary, you will have a better understanding of the English language and be able to write much more interesting stories.

Stretch your vocabulary by trying this English quiz.