Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week beginning 20 April

Friday 24th April 
Good morning Year 6,
Can we firstly say a big thank you to all of you that joined our first weekly Zoom meeting yesterday. It was so lovely to see all of your smiling faces and we are already looking forward to next Thursday's catch-up.
Now that we know that the technology works, Mr Boyle and Mr Taylor are going to create a fun weekly quiz for next week's Zoom chat, so if you have any suggestions about quiz categories we could include, please let us know via Seesaw.
We are authors  - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons
We are mathematicians - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons
Remember to choose the year group's lessons that will most help you to improve as an author or mathematician. The tasks should be challenging, but achievable and please don't feel that if you choose one year group's authors tasks, you have to stick with that year group as mathematicians. It would be very understandable if you completed your author's challenges and then went to a younger/older year group for your mathematician's work. 
We are preparing for change - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zj2grj6
This is a great lesson from the Year 6 area of BBC Bitesize which will start preparing us for the transition we are making to Secondary School in September. This is a change that all of us in Year 6 are making and it would therefore be really helpful if we could share to Seesaw what we have learnt from the lesson. The more we share, the more we are preparing for this change as a team. 
We are linguists - Please visit the 'French from Miss Wilson' home learning tab and it would be great (if you are feeling confident) to try the more advanced activities at the bottom of the page today. 
Life skills - We are always hearing adults saying that they wish they were taught more in their younger years about keeping control over their finances. Managing your incomings and outgoings as an adult is a really important life skill which can take a little bit of getting used to initially. If your parents don't mind, ask them if they could take you through some of the ways that they manage the household bills and if they have any tips for staying financially savvy. As always, it would be lovely if you could share any words of wisdom you hear to Seesaw.
Thursday 23rd April
Hi all, 
We were so impressed with the feedback to the BBC Bitesize tasks, especially with the confidence that all of you chose your own lessons. We had a wide  variety of learning that was displayed on Seesaw - thanks to the fact that you all understand that you are all different learners - we love the fact that you are autonomous  learners (you choose what level of challenge is appropriate to you!). So we will give you a link to the website again. Please choose what lever you would like to engage with. 

We are athletes:  Joe Wicks continues to deliver really fun workouts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z42mwuX_Xj8
But as we've seen before, some of you have access to a lovely garden with some sports equipment, so if that is the case, we would love to see you exercising in whatever way you can! (Post to Seesaw).

We are programmers: There are a variety of projects that we have started. Please feel free to choose whichever of the below you would like to.

Life Skills: We saw some amazing baking examples over Easter. If you can, ask your adult if you can help in the kitchen. We would love to see some savoury delights that you have helped create.

Have fun and please post anything to Seesaw so that we can all enjoy your homelearning.

Also, please remember that our first Zoom session will be today.

Owls will be at 1pm 
Swifts will be at 2pm

We will post details on Seesaw of how you can join in with this. 
If you do not have access to Seesaw, please let Mr Taylor or Mr Boyle know so that we can send you information via an alternative means.

We look forward to seeing you later!

Wednesday 22nd April
Before we tell you about today's daily tasks, we wanted to remind you that tomorrow is each Year 6 class' first Zoom catch-up (us teachers are super excited about this!). 
Please make sure you join us tomorrow at:
Owls - 1pm
Swifts - 1.30pm
We would love to see you all there!
The Zoom catch-ups will be happening every Thursday at the same times stated above. Every Thursday morning (starting from tomorrow) Mr Boyle and I will share onto Seesaw the Zoom code and password that you need to access our class chat.
If you are not a Seesaw user, please email Mr Taylor or Mr Boyle before midday tomorrow and they will send you the code and password directly. 
We would really appreciate it if you could read over the Zoom guidance document (attached below) before tomorrow as well.
Right, onto today's daily tasks...
We had some really positive feedback about the BBC Bitesize daily lessons yesterday. We were impressed with how well resourced the lessons are. Therefore, we will be continuing these today.
The only 'next step' feedback we got yesterday was that the Year 6 lessons were a little bit easy for some of you (which shows how far you've come!).
Therefore, I am not going to give you the link to the Year 6 lessons today.
Instead, (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons) will take you to the homepage that has links to all year group's lessons ranging from Year 1 all the way up to Year 10. 
I have looked at the Year 7 lessons for today and definitely think this will be manageable for lots of you so if you're feeling confident, go for it!
By the same token, if you found yesterday's lessons too challenging, why not try a younger year group's lessons today? Remember, we all learn at different speeds so it doesn't matter which lessons you pick as long as they challenge you and help you to make progress as authors and mathematicians
Please remember to share your work to Seesaw and we would value any further feedback you want to give with regards to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.
As it is Wednesday, we also want you to find time to be artists and musicians today. Please visit the 'Department of Art' and 'Music and Singing from Mrs Price' tabs in order to find lots of great activities that will get your artistic and musical juices flowing. 
Have fun and see you all tomorrow!
Tuesday 21st April 2020
We are athletes: Follow along with Joe Wicks again, on his fun and energetic workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGYXh_G8X6A
We are authors: BBC Bitesize are doing daily lessons as of this week. They are doing this for all ages and the lessons will follow the same sort of timetable that we would normally be doing the lessons. In some instances, we will have covered a topic (but it's never a bad idea to revise something!) We want you to have a look at a couple of lessons today and then give us some feedback on Seesaw. If the lessons are well-planned, well-resourced, fun, interactive etc etc. then we would be silly not to take advantage of this great resource. 
So have a look at these and let us know what you think.

We are mathematicians:
We are scientists: We want you to research one of the most famous scientists of all time, and all around genius Albert Einstein. Then present your research in any way you would like to: fact file, comic, poster, video, timeline...however you like.
Einstein is one of my personal heroes because, without spoiling your research, he didn't show any real "gift" at school or university. In fact, his teachers thought he was perfectly "ordinary" and nothing special...however he would go on to make discoveries that would change the world...and make his name synonymous with the word genius.

Hi guys, we hope you are all safe and well and managed to have an enjoyable Easter despite the difficult circumstances.
If any of you found time to do any of the Easter big plate/small plate challenges and haven't yet shared your work to Seesaw, please do this today as it would be lovely to see your efforts.
As well as learning, it was also really uplifting to see so many of you using Seesaw to stay engaged socially during Easter and we would love you to continue doing this throughout the Summer term. 
Our daily tasks resume today, but please remember that none of these tasks are mandatory. Each day, the amount of tasks you do are optional and Mr Boyle and I completely understand if your circumstances at home prevent you from doing all of the tasks every day. 
Daily Tasks - Monday 20th April 
We are authors - Did you keep your Covid 19 diary going during the Easter break? Please continue or restart this today. 
We are very conscious that we don't want your diary to be the only writing task we give you over the next few weeks, so please have a look through the PowerPoint of 'Writing Prompts'. This will give you a wide range of writing activities to keep you stimulated for more than just today. Take a look and choose one task (for today) which engages you and please share your writing to Seesaw.
Although some of the tasks are not narrative genres, the majority are so if you choose one of these tasks, please remember to include the narrative features we have worked on this year:
  • Interesting adjective, verb and adverb choices
  • Sensory language
  • Figurative language (including similes, metaphors and personification)
  • Use of direct speech to advance the action or convey character traits
  • Joined handwriting
  • Application of all your known grammar and spelling rules 
  • A wide range of punctuation choices
We are readers - Did you find time to listen to the final audio readings of Wolf Brother during Easter? If not, you can find them today in the 'Year 6 Easter holiday tasks' tab. One of your small plate challenges was also to write/record a book review for Wolf Brother (and share to Seesaw) so please also find time to do this if you haven't already.
If you have already finished Wolf Brother, can you let us know if you have already started a new reading book or are planning to begin one today? Please make a new book recommendation to Seesaw so that we can give each other inspiration for this. 
We are mathematicians - Please refer to the units of time document and put them in order from the shortest length of time to the longest. There are a few which will require some discussion so if you share your answers to Seesaw we can see if any of you have different answers and begin a debate.
We are geographers - How well do you know each European country from its location on a map? Have a go at the worksheet below where you will see three differentiated worksheets (so choose the correct challenge for you) and the answers at the end (please don't refer to these until you have completed the challenge).
Life skills - Do you know how to juggle? If not, try and learn today. Start off with two objects, see how you get on and try and build it up. If you already know, can you add a tutorial video to Seesaw teaching us how it's done? Remember that you'll need loads of resilience for this task.