Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week beginning 23 March

Home Learning Friday 27th March
First, a huge congratulations to all of you who have completed your practice SATs. Mr Taylor and I want to say how proud we are of you all for the amazing work that you have put in and the tremendous progress you have shown. I hope that you can use this experience to remember how amazing you are and that, if you put the hard work in, you get the results you deserve. Mr Taylor has already shared the pass marks, and I will provide a link to all of the answer booklets, but this is a personal journey that you have been on so please remember where you started - because it is progress that matters and also the fact that you have done your best - which is all we ever want from you. So again: well done!
We are authors - Please continue to add to your daily diary. You can include your thoughts and hopes for your first weekend of lockdown. What are your expectations of the weekend and how is this different to other weekends? Remember to ensure that your diary is personal to you, so include your reflections, thoughts and feelings. Once you have written about your expectations for the first lockdown weekend, you will be able to read your diary on Monday to confirm whether or not you were right. 
Please add an extra passage to your narrative that you have been working on. This passage should use the technique of the inner monologue - this is a fancy way of saying the characters thoughts and feelings. Michelle Paver continuously uses this technique to give the reader a glimpse into Torak's character. In my class, we have discussed the fact that Torak is often quite hard on himself, which could show that he is a perfectionist, or that he is genuinely out of his depth. He seeks help from Fa, knowing that Fa would would guide him to do the right thing. 
So please include a passage where Torak and the others are on a part of their quest and Torak gives some inner thoughts, so that we as the reader, know who he is and how under-confident he truly is. Here is a short example:

Torak heard the distant rumbles of heavy footfall. Oh great, he thought, after all of this, I've gone and given away my position. Stupid Torak, why couldn't you do what Renn suggested? Why couldn't you do what Fa would have done. Fa. Fa would have known what to do. Why couldn't he have just spent a few more summers with Fa? That would have been enough for him to learn the essentials. Instead, here he was; a dumb kid who had attracted the rage of the bear. The soft whispering of the trees grew louder. Beyond the rise, Torak could see the pairs of trees dancing aside, making a swishing sound as they parted for the hidden guest. I have messed up, thought Torak, now Renn and Wolf are nowhere around and I have called the bear to me...to slaughter me. Torak clenched his jaw but he couldn't stop the tears from streaming.

We are mathematicians - I know that a lot of you enjoy algebra! Look through the powerpoint to remind yourself of the processes (cover up the yellow answer boxes if they are visible) Then work through the Algebra Alphabet sheet, for an extra challenge try the Challenge booklet as well.

We are linguists - Lots of children in my class are already using Duolingo, it is a free app that teaches you a language of your choice. I practice my French through this. If you can, go on their website https://www.duolingo.com/ or download their app - again, it is absolutely free. However, you will need your parent's permission, so check with them! Try out a language and work through the fun levels.
Ms Wilson has also shared some links of songs that you have been learning:

If you are brave enough, share a video of you singing along...go on!!!

We are readers - I have shared chapter 25 of Wolf Brother for the Swifts with some accompanying questions. Mr Taylor has uploaded chapter 14 for the Owls with questions too.

Life skills - You have been in lock down for a number of days now. Share with us your top tips for managing life under these strange conditions. This can be a video, list, instructional leaflet, poster...anything really. This could be very handy for everyone, as something you do may not be what others have thought about.
My top tips would be to stay active and to do your home learning so that your body and mind get a good workout!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend. And we will update you on Monday for your next daily home learning challenge.

Hillcrest's Got Talent is still going ahead! 

 There will be two categories - Children and Adults (Parents and Teachers)

Judging will be on Friday 3rd April

 Send your entries to Juliet at jfleming@hillcrest.bristol.sch.uk

If you're sending a video that's too large to email, upload it to YouTube and send the link.

Come on Hillcrest! Show us what you've got!



Wolf Brother Chapter 14 questions for Owls
1) "His skin began the prickle." What does this description at the start of the chapter tell us about how Torak is feeling? Why has the author chosen to show us his feelings in this way?
2) There are lots of brilliant examples of personification throughout this chapter. Can you list your favourite three?
3) Renn seems to gain a lot of respect for Torak in this chapter. Can you find some evidence in the text to support this?
4) What dream does Torak slip into before Renn interrupts him by gesturing to the tree trunk and saying "It's old"?
5) "It's getting bigger," he said.
    "What?" said Renn.
     In the book, Renn's reply is written in italics. What is the effect of this?
6) Why does Torak now feel like he can trust Renn?
7) The only clue we have for knowing what Nanuaks are is the riddle:
    "Deepest of all, the drowned sight,
     Oldest of all, the stone bite.
     Coldest of all, the darkest light."
     What do you think Nanuaks are and why?
8) What does Torak realise he deeply loves in this chapter? Why does this love give him extra motivation to defeat the bear?
9) "There's a purpose in these things," Renn had said. In a strange way, that gave him strength. Why do you think Renn's words give Torak strength?
10) The next morning, Renn wakes up in a different mood. Why is this?
11) How does Torak convince the wolf to come out from under the juniper bush? Why doesn't he take Renn's advice to put the wolf in his pack?
12) At the end of the chapter, Torak crashes into the river. Do you think he will survive? What do we find out in chapter 14 that could support this view?
Wolf Brother Chapter 25
1) "Renn! Renn!" The ice river tore her name away from his lips and whirled it away into the gathering dusk.
Why has the author used italics on the second "Renn"?
What technique has the author used with the line, "tore her name away from his lips"? What is the effect?

2) Torak thought he saw a figure gliding through the snow.
What was it that Torak saw?

3) Why do you think Wolf bounded into the snow cave? Why was he not as frightened as Torak?

4) What did Torak use to light up the cave?

5) When Torak saw the man, why did he pity him?

6) What are the possible consequences if you touch the dead?

7) Snow drifted into his nostrils in a cruel parody of breath.
What does the word parody mean? 
8) What clan was the dead man from?

9) Why do you think Wolf was so unafraid of the man - even curious? Explain.

10) What do you think the man was doing up on the ice river before he died?

11) What was the last Nanuak?
12) What do you think Torak should do; go to find Renn or continue with his quest? Explain why you would make this choice.
Daily home learning challenges - Thursday 26th March
We are authors - Please add another entry into your ongoing diary about the events happening in your life during this unprecedented time. As well as your diary detailing what is happening in your day, it should also give an insight into the general mood of the country by capturing things you are hearing and seeing in the media.
We have heard lots of stories that unfortunately highlight some people's selfishness during this testing time, but there have also been some really uplifting news as well which highlights the human decency and kindness that still surrounds us. In Year 6, we have found the 560,000 people who have volunteered to help the NHS in the last 24 hours incredibly inspirational.
If you include details like this in your diary, it will give historians in years to come an idea of the selfless and giving nature of so many people in Britain during the coronavirus outbreak.
What are your personal thought and feelings about what is happening and what you are seeing in the media?
We are readers - Wolf Brother! What an amazing book that both Year 6 classes are halfway through. We cannot let the coronavirus stop us finding out if Torak makes it to the Mountain of the World Spirit. So here's the plan: Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle are going to start leaving voice notes on Seesaw of us reading chapters from the book. Mr Boyle is going to trial this for the Swifts today with Chapter 24. However, we are aware that some children don't use Seesaw and that the technology won't always work. Therefore we have found a website: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/audiobook/wolf-brother-3  where you can sign up for a 30-day free trial which includes the audiobook of Wolf Brother. Please ensure you get your parents' permission before signing up.
We are Mathematicians - Paper 3 Maths Reasoning (40 minutes). The final leg of your 2019 SATS journey. We hope you have enjoyed seeing the progress you've made as you've completed the papers each day.
Some people have been asking about pass scores:
Reading - 28
SPAG - 36 (Spelling and Grammar papers combined)
Maths - 58 (all three papers combined)
Remember though - If you have done your best, you should be incredibly proud of yourself whether you have reached the pass scores or not.
Fancy some extra Maths practice? Of course you do! Visit this great website https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/ordering-and-sequencing-numbers and enjoy the games while sharpening your Maths skills.
We are computational thinkers - Over the next few weeks and months, we are encouraging you to use the internet in order to stay engaged with school life. Because of this, we thought it would be a great idea for you to complete a lesson today all about your digital footprint. Being aware of this is incredibly important if you want to be a safe and responsible internet user.
Please follow the link https://www.outofyourhands.com/online-safety/your-digital-footprint/ and find the PowerPoint and activity resources at the bottom of the page.
We are athletes - Joe Wicks, who is a very influential health guru, is putting daily workouts on YouTube from 9am. It would be great if you guys were doing these every day anyway, but as we are athletes today, we thought it would be especially great for you to complete todays workout:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8o8wMgAT-Y and then to let us know on Seesaw how you found it. Also, as the weather continues to be so amazing, if you could add a video of you doing some physical activity in your garden onto Seesaw we would love to see it.
Lifeskills - It would be a real shame if we lost sight of our big plate/small plate challenges. All of those challenges had a focus on you showing your engineering skills, being resourceful and respecting the natural world.
Please refer to the big/plate small plate challenges which can be found on the homework tab of the website and complete at least one. Once you have completed it, add a picture or video of it to Seesaw. Before school closed, we already had boats made of wood and clay and clan emblems sewn and brought into school to show everyone. They were really cool!
Comprehension questions Chapter 24
Here are some comprehension questions for you to answer:
1) "Claws, claws," sang the ice. Why did the author use the verb sang instead of echo?
2) Why did Torak not want to swing his axe too forcefully when he was trying to escape?
3) - then Wolf gave a peevish growl. What does the word peevish mean?
4) Oh very clever, Torak, he told himself. You've just put all of your weight on the wrong leg - the one you hurt in the fall! What does this inner thought tell us about Torak's character?
5) What was the thing that Wolf had found in the snow?
6) Why did the author end the chapter with Wolf finding this thing and playing with it?
7) The petal-like clouds had completely covered the sun. What is the punctuation used between the words petal and like, why is this punctuation used? Why has the author described the clouds in this way?
8) Can you draw a picture of Torak, Renn and Wolf at any point during this chapter. It could be when Torak is climbing out or when they are all laying in the snow laughing.
Home learning challenges - Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 6. I hope you enjoyed your first day of lockdown. It was great to see so many of you engaging with your home learning via Seesaw and to see the pictures and videos of lots of exercise, mowing and other lifeskills, keep it up!

We are authors
Please keep your diary up-to-date, remember that this is a fascinating time to be living through and your daily experience will be interesting to look back on - not just for you. How was your first day of lockdown? What did you do differently? How did it make you feel? 

You can also add to your narrative: We have looked at writing the same event through two different perspectives, but please include some of the wonderful features we picked out from Wolf Brother - can you personify a natural phenomena (like a rockfall on a mountain, a river flood or a lightning storm)?
Remember that the era in which the novel is set, Paganism was the dominant religion; pagans worshipped the natural world and tried to live in harmony with it.
Michele Paver does a brilliant job of using the natural world as a secondary character - remember the chapter where Torak found the eyes in the river? The river "punched and slapped him", "dragged him down", "angrily swallowed him". Throughout the chapter, the author personified the river so much that it became a character with a personality and a motive to harm Torak.  

"Torak and Wolf marched steadily on. The path was covered in rocky teeth, no wider than a magpie's wingspan. The mountain grumbled and moaned as the scrambled up her face. Suddenly, the mountain gave an almighty belch; rocks and boulders tumbled downward. The noise was a rush of mocking cracks. Torak froze, looking heavenward." 

We are mathematicians
You have two practice SATs papers to get on with today. 

Paper 1 Arithmetic (30 mins)
Paper 2 Reasoning (40 mins)
Try to do these without help in a quiet environment (if possible). Best of luck

We are artists
Activity 1 Make your own sketchbook:
Collect different types of paper and join using a hole punch and wool.
Activity 2 Drawing as a tool for seeing, and being in the here and now (Also from AccessArt)
Collect some natural objects – shells, stones, sticks, leaves, feathers etc or household objects – cup, shoe, sock, fork, book… anything you like really. Draw the objects, one at a time, using some, or all, of the following techniques:
  • Look and draw your subject (your chosen object) in the time it takes to inhale and exhale one breath.
  • Draw your subject with your non-dominant hand.
  • Hold your pencil or pen lightly from the top (with all five fingers) and dangle it over the paper drawing your subject.
  • Draw your chosen subject in a continuous line without taking your pencil or pen off of the paper.
  • Draw your chosen subject in five lines.
  • Draw your chosen subject in three lines.
  • Look at your subject and draw it without looking at the paper. No cheating!
  • Draw your subject in dots and specks.
  • Draw the outline of your subject in one, strong gesture.
  • Draw your subject without blinking.
  • Draw your subject’s shadow.
  • Draw your subject from inside out with no outline or contour at all (use only shading).
We are musicians
We know that we have lots of budding musicians in Year 6, if you play a musical instrument, post a picture or a video of yourself practising. If you do not play a musical instrument, have a go at singing your favourite song, singing one of the sea shanties you have learnt, or perhaps even make your own instrument - drums using saucepans, guitars using elastic and cereal boxes, shakers using beans or rice and a jar. 

We would love to see the results.

Mark scheme SATs Papers

(Answers from page 8)
Home learning challenges - Tuesday 24th March
We are readers - Please complete your 2019 SATS reading papers today. If you were here last week, you will have received the reading booklet that has the three texts in it and the answer booklet where you answer the questions based on the texts. 
If you were not here last week, you will find the texts, answer booklet and mark scheme at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/key-stage-2-tests-2019-english-reading-test-materials.
The paper should take you an hour, but if you are somebody who usually had extra time in the reading paper, you can give yourself 1 hour, 15 minutes. Also, if you usually had a scribe when doing the reading paper then you may want to arrange this with an adult at home. Remember your scribe can only write exactly what you say though.
Our advice would be the same as yesterday for the SPAG - do the reading paper independently and then mark it using the mark scheme with an adult.
We are authors - An ongoing home challenge that we would like you to begin today is to keep a day-to-day diary of the current events that are happening in your life and general society. This will be a really interesting historical document in years, decades and centuries to come. If you want to keep your diary as a Blog or Vlog that you update daily on Seesaw, that would be great.
We would love your diary to reflect some of the best and worst that society is currently showing (from people hoarding toilet roll to 4,500 retired NHS staff returning to work this week to help fight the national pandemic). 
Think how influential the diary of Samuel Pepys is for showing historians the way that England was effected by the 'Great Plague' in the 17th century. Samuel Pepys first mentioned the plague in his diary in October 1663 when he recorded a major outbreak in Amsterdam and feared for its spread to England. His anxiety was well founded, for by the spring of 1665, the plague had reached these shores, and in June Pepys wrote, ‘to my great trouble, hear that the plague is come into the City’. Your diary could be used in the very same way as Samuel Pepys' to show future generations how our generation coped with the Coronavirus.
Below you will see a link to the lesson we did in school yesterday to begin this diary task which will give you some teaching points before you begin today.
We are Mathematicians - Today, we would like you to continue your work on Roman Numerals. If you feel like you were getting there yesterday, but would still like some similar work to consolidate your learning then there is a Roman Numerals Mosaic sheet below for you to colour using yesterday's knowledge.
You may want to refer to yesterday's PowerPoint as a recap and then choose at least one Mosaic sheet to colour in. They go up in difficulty ranging from numbers up to 30 to numbers up to 100 so choose the level of challenge that's right for you.
If you need more extending from yesterday's work, then please take yourself through the Mastery PowerPoint and Mastery worksheet that you will also see below.
We are Scientists - Last term, we began learning about evolution and classification by comparing the Biologists: Darwin and Linnaeus.  
Over the next few weeks, you will continue delving deeper into classification for our Tuesday lessons as Scientists.
We then will spend a couple more weeks on evolution before beginning a brand new Science topic.
Today, please follow the PowerPoint, learning resources and activity for our 'Classifying Conundrums' lesson.
Lifeskills - The weather has turned beautiful, so please ask your adults at home if you can help out with some work in the garden. Whether it is mowing the lawn, watering plants or any other garden job, we would love to hear/see what you have been up to on Seesaw.
Home learning Challenges - Monday 23rd March 2020
Those of you who were in school last week took home the 2019 SATS papers to be completed this week. If you were not in school last week to receive these, then please follow the link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/key-stage-2-tests-2019-english-grammar-punctuation-and-spelling-test-materials. When clicking this link, you will be navigated to the 20 word spelling paper and 50 mark grammar paper. You can use this to do your test or ask an adult at home to read them. Again, you will find the spelling list on the link above. It says on the instructions page of the papers how long they should take. The spellings can take as long as they need to really, but the grammar should take 45 minutes. If you are somebody who usually has extra time in the SATS week, you can give yourself an hour. 
Our advice would be to do the papers independently and then go through the mark scheme with an adult at home. The marks schemes can again be found at the link I have posted above. If you are somebody who is getting the papers from the link because you weren't in school last week, the best thing to do would be to print the papers out at home. If you don't have a printer, maybe you could just follow the computer screen for the questions and do your working out and answers on a plain piece of paper.
We would have loved to have added a video to Seesaw and the website with us reading the spellings out to you for the test, but technology has not been our friend today.
If you would like to have a teacher reading the spellings in the test, please follow this YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gtJoN0mcFo&safe=active
Extension: Finish your Wolf Brother narratives from different perspectives and look for opportunities to edit and improve your writing.
Below you will see an educational PowerPoint that teaches you how to translate Roman numerals into the the decimal positional numeral system that we use today.
There are also two roman numerals documents. One is a translation sheet to support you when you are doing the other document which is a question sheet. You will see there is an answer sheet as part of the question sheet document. We hope it goes without saying that we only want you to refer to this once you have completed your answers so that you can mark at the end.
Top tips for today's work are:
1. Use the translation document to support you.
2. If you put a numeral after another numeral, it is added on e.g. VI = 6 because V + 1 = 6.
3. However, if you put a numeral before another numeral, it is taken away e.g. IV = 4 because V - I = 4
4. You cannot have the same numeral more than three times in a row which is why 4 is IV and not IIII. 
Home learning Challenges - Friday 20th March 2020
As authors please continue your writing from yesterday. If you have already written your narrative from both perspectives, see if you can edit and improve what you have done.
Think about interesting language choices, figurative and sensory language and adding direct speech to convey characters or advance the action.
As Mathematicians, can you collect some data of your choice from your family and present it in a pie chart.
Examples of data you could collect include: favourite colour, age split, gender split. The possibilities are endless.
Home Learning Challenges - Thursday 19th March 2020
As authors tomorrow, we would like you to write a narrative based on an extract of your choice from Wolf Brother.
Please write two different versions of the same events (once from Torak's perspective and once from the Wolf's perspectve).
We know that some children have innovated the text with their own ideas and characters. This is still absolutely fine as long as we see the two contrasting perspectives.
If you need a reminder of the book, there is an audio version on Youtube. 
Just go to YouTube and search Wolf Brother audio book.
Click this link and then do some coding work for our computing lesson.
You can now create a login for this website so that you can save your progress for next time. All you need is a valid email address. 
For P.E. tomorrow can you post a video of you doing something active on Seesaw.
- Chair yoga
- Just dance
- Circuit
- Any sports related games
If you can't post to Seesaw then no worries
If you are stuck at home, please ask your adult if there is any help you can give them around the home.
Let us know what skill or chore you did to assist your carers and tell us what you learnt.
If you would like to do any extra learning please refer to your SATS packs and big plate/small plate challenges.
Mr Taylor and Mr Boyle
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