Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week beginning 27 April

Friday 1st May
Happy May Day! (I can't believe it's May already)
Your first task today will be to research what May Day is and why it is celebrated. Are you familiar with May Day? Do you think it is widely celebrated still today?
We are authors: Please find the next chapter of Under the Lights below with accompanying questions.
You can also check out BBC Bitesize for additional writing  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

We are mathematicians: As with most skills, arithmetic can easily decline if you don't keep practicing it! So find attached a practice sheet below (the answers are on page 2), make sure to use the methods you have learned to be successful.
Check out White Rose for reasoning: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/
- Remember that you are all autonomous learners, so choose your level!
We are philosophers: This week Tom Moore turned 100! Wow! He has done so much during his lifetime, but he has been especially busy over the last few weeks.
There is an information sheet attached below for you to read through and then a sheet which will prompt you to think about his life and his achievements. 
He is an incredible person and I hope you will enjoy learning Moore about him (did you like my pun?)

Finally, have a fantastic weekend!

Friday 31st May

Mrs Hendy’s Maths: Try the sums on this worksheet to practice your short division sums. There will be some remainders, so remind yourselves with yesterday's video if you get stuck.

Mrs Hendy's SPAG

As you know, BBC Bitesize has lots of resources and games you can play. Click on the link below and choose The Grammar game. See how much you can remember from our SPAG lessons in school.


Thursday 29th April 2020
We are readers - Please find today's audio reading of 'Under the Lights' chapter 4 with accompanying questions below.
We are computational thinkers - Please join us for our weekly Zoom catch-up today:
Owls - 1pm
Swifts - 1.30pm
Mr Boyle and Mr Taylor have prepared quizzes for each class so please have a pen and paper ready and mute your chat when you first login so that you will be able to hear your teacher's voice. The ID and password will be posted onto Seesaw this morning so keep your eyes peeled. See you soon!
Chapter 4 questions
1. For what reason is Ash disappointed with his Maths test score?
2. 'If I made a lucky eraser, I wouldn't put wrestlers names on it,
    obviously. I'd put on famous singers, instead.'
    What would you put on your lucky eraser and why?
3. Why does Miss Underbridge interrupt Noah from giving his answer?
    What does this tell you about Miss Underbridge?
4. Give two reasons from the text why Ash is worried that Janelle
    doesn't like him anymore.
5. 'Hassan looked as confused as I felt.'
    Can you think of a synonym for confused?
6. What is different about Morton's school choir compared to what
    Ash describes as an 'average' school choir?
7. Why couldn't Ash apologise as soon he arrived at choir?
8. Can you illustrate what you imagine Mr River looks like?
9. 'Mr Rivers can never resist the chance to be theatrical'
    Which word is closest in meaning to theatrical?              
10. What piece of news gets the Year 6's excited?
11. How does Ash know that he started day-dreaming during choir?
12. Why were both Janelle and Ash worried before they spoke
      to each other at the end of the chapter?

Thursday 30th April

Mrs Hendy's Maths


There are some words you need to be familiar with when calculating division sums:

The Dividend = the total number that is being divided e.g. 26 sweets

The Divisor = the number you divide into the dividend e.g. 2 people

Following on from my video on Tuesday,( I felt a bit sick after eating all those sweets!) here is an example of a division sum when there is a remainder, and how we would lay that out as a decimal.


When you have watched this clip, try the following sums to test your knowledge:

  1. 457 divided by 3

  2. 265 is the dividend and 2 is the divisor, what is the sum and calculate the answer.

  3. There are 745 sweets in a jar, can you share them between 4 children? Calculate the sum.

Mrs Hendy's SPAG

I know how much you love a sing-along...here’s another song from the same guys that did “The  Prepositions Song” all about prefixes and suffixes. First, ask yourself how you would explain what a prefix and a suffix is? 


Wednesday 29th April
Good morning Year 6! As a little starter today, have a look at the video below. This is a brain-teaser. Listen to the instructions in the video and remember pause the video before the answer is revealed. Have a go and let us know on Seesaw how you did.
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We are artists: As it is Wednesday, please have a look in the Department of Art section of the home learning and then click through on the resource for this week.
We are musicians: Likewise, look at the Music & Singing from Mrs Price section to see the work available.
We are authors: Read through the next chapter of Under the Lights, there is an audio file for you to listen to and accompanying comprehension questions below.

You are always welcome to share any work that you are progressing with from BBC Bitesize or White Rose.


We are mathematicians:


Tuesday 28th April 2020
We are authorshttps://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize 
We are readers - Please find our Chapter 2 audio reading of 'Under the Lights' with accompanying questions below.
We are mathematicianshttps://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6
Or, if you would prefer, refer back to BBC Bitesize for your Maths activities.
We are scientists - Your famous scientist to research this week is Nikola Tesla. He made great contributions to the world of physics and engineering and we still greatly benefit from the work of Tesla today. Please continue to think of innovative ways to display your research. Use lots of different sources to gain your information - there is a PowerPoint below to get you started.
Life skills - In our advancing world of technology, video-conferencing is becoming more and more common and important. Therefore, being able to show manners and speaking and listening skills whilst video conferencing (just like we would in day-to-day conversation) is a vital life skill. The weekly Zoom catch-ups that we are having this term will be a great opportunity to improve our video-conferencing skills. In order to get prepared for this week's catch-up, please read through the school's new guidelines (attached below) which describes how we can use Zoom safely and respectfully to make the experience a great one for everyone. Remember, this week is going to be a quiz and we have already had some super suggestions for quiz categories on Seesaw so this will be a terrific opportunity to practice our listening skills especially. 
Chapter 2 questions
1. How do we know that Miss Underbridge and Ash's parents are desperate to speak to him as soon as they enter the room?
2. Ash says that the three adults make him feel like a toddler. Why do you think this is?
3. What is the difference between the advice that Ash's Mum and Dad give him?
4. Use the description of Miss Underbridge's face on page 11 to draw a picture of her expression when Ash decides he is going to go home instead of going back on stage. 
5. "No!" I said, suddenly on my feet. "I'm not doing it. In fact, I'm going home."
    The grown-ups stared.
     Why do you think the growm-ups are staring at Ash after what he said?
6. What do Ash's parents do for him when he gets home in case he is feeling ill?
7. What is the name of Ash's favourite band? What do they sometimes help him to do?
8. Why do you think Ash didn't sleep very well?
9. What does Ash's Dad tell him in the morning? How does this make Ash feel?
10. Hassan is a caring friend. How do we know this from the text conversation?
11. What has Miss Underbridge been talking about all day? What subject in particular does she want the children to revise?
12. Can you think of a time in your life when you have been nervous about doing something? Did you overcome the nerves? What advice would you give to Ash?
Remember to use as much evidence from the text as possible to answer all of these questions.
Tuesday 28th April - Hello from Mrs Hendy
I hope you all had a good easter break, I've been back at school a couple days a week for the keyworker's children, so it has been nice seeing some of you at school. For those still working hard at home, keep up the good work!
I have added a short video for Maths to remind some children how to lay out division and over the next few days will add more as sums become harder.
As for SPAG, try out this link to punctuation and see how well you can do:https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvwwxnb
I am looking forward to the Zoom quiz session on Thursday!
From Mrs Hendy x

Good Monday everyone! 
We hope you have had a very pleasant weekend and made the most of the weather (apparently it is going to be pretty rainy this week). 

We are very excited to host the quiz on Thursday, following the success of so many of you able to access Zoom. If you have any suggestions for categories or quiz rounds, please share on Seesaw so that we can include specialty questions!  
We will inform you of how to access the Zoom quiz on Thursday morning, shortly before it starts. Keep your eyes peeled. 
We are authors: We so enjoyed reading and analysing Wolf Brother, and it has been fantastic to see so many of you enthused to read the next book in the series – or the complete series. Unfortunately, we cannot access what would have been our next class text just yet, however, below, you can access a text that we will read together. Mr Taylor and I will read aloud and provide the audio clips of, and you can either follow along with us or read it independently, we will also provide comprehension questions for you to answer (also below) , enjoy! 
We are mathematicians: We have been so impressed with the work that has been going on with BBC Bitesize, particularly with the independence that so many of you have displayed by choosing your own level of challenge. This truly shows that you are autonomous learners – which is such an attribute! Therefore we have a few options for you. 
You can go to the BBC Bitesize website and choose whatever level you feel challenges you – they have everything (including primary and secondary work!) 

Alternatively, you can check out the White Rose website, which has similar lessons. Again, you can choose the level and the subject you feel would be the most benefit to you. Please post any work to Seesaw so that we can all share in what we have been investigating. 


We are philosophers: We have been so impressed with the discussions that we have had this year with all of you. Please see below a Powerpoint which asks philosophical questions. It would be great for you to go through the Powerpoint and discuss your answers with your adults. Alternatively, you can post your thoughts on Seesaw for an open discussion. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer!

  1. What is the name of the protagonist? 

  1. What school did they go to? 

  1. Why do you think that Miss Underbridge feels that if the protagonist writes their feelings down it may help other people? 

  1. Where did the hat roll? 

  1. Why do you think the author informed us that Hasssan has a foster dad? 

  1. What does the word “blathering” mean? 

  1. Janelle had a fancy costume, what does this tell us about her character? 

  1. Without a description of Miss Underbridge, draw a picture of what you think she may look like. 

  1. How does Ash feel about Janelle (use evidence from the text). 

  1. Why did Ash run back to the classroom?