Yr 6 Daily Tasks Week beginning 30 March

Friday 3rd April
We are authors - Please continue to add to your diary. Did any of you go outside at 8pm yesterday to clap for the NHS workers? What was the atmosphere like on your street? This was a fantastic national act of solidarity that would be lovely to describe in your diary.
We are readers - You can find today's audio readings of Wolf Brother below
We are linguists - Please visit Miss Wilson's French home learning page by following this link:  https://hillcrest.eschools.co.uk/website/french_from_miss_wilson/468275
If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there are activities for more advanced French speakers which I am sure applies to some of you.
We are Mathematicians - Jumping Frogs: This was a challenge that some of us began in class (using counters on paper) but we never got time to explore it fully. The aim of the game is to swap the blue and pink frogs over in the fewest moves possible. Start off with 2 on each side, but then increase the amount of frogs to make this activity an appropriate challenge for you. Please let us know on Seesaw how many frogs you used and how many moves it took you to swap them over.
Life skills - Would you like to show your gratitude to NHS staff in a more personal way than last night's round of applause? If so, we have contacted the Bristol Hospital Switchboard about you guys making cards of thanks for their NHS workers. They'd be thrilled to have some and are happy for children to post them individually.
The address to post them to is:
Trust Headquarters
Marlborough Street
On the back of the envelope, please include who you have made the card for (e.g. porters, cleaners, emergency staff, intensive care staff, paediatric nurse, paediatric  doctor, paramedic etc)
Your card can of course be anonymous, but if you did want to sign it off then please only use your first name (you could also write your age and the name of our school). Check this with your carers at home first.
As it is the Easter Holidays for the next two weeks, there will no longer be home challenges added each day like there has been for the last two weeks. However, we understand that you may still want learning tasks to keep you occupied and will therefore be making a brand new 'Big Plate, Small Plate'  homework which will be added to the website next week. Please engage with this as much as you can and continue to use Seesaw in order to stay connected both educationally and socially. 
There will also still be Wolf Brother audio readings added during the Easter Holidays (we couldn't wait two weeks to hear the end of this amazing story) so look out for these each day.
Daily tasks will resume of Monday 20th April 
Wolf Brother Chapter 30
  1. Why were Torak's hands shaking so much at the start of the chapter?
  2. What did Torak want to put on his body that shocked Renn. Why would it have shocked her?
  3. "Already he could feel the Death Marks stiffening on his skin."
    A literal interpretation of this sentence would be that the mud/clay was drying. What could a literal interpretation be (could this be a metaphor?)
  4. Why would Torak need to purify himself, should he kill the bear?
  5. How do you think Torak would have felt when Fin-Kedinn said there was a place for him in the Raven Clan? Explain.
  6. The trail begins by the lightning tree, why would the author give the tree this name?
  7. Why do you think Wolf was eager to get up to the mountain whereas Torak was scared?
  8. Why did Torak think the World Spirit might not help him in his task?
  9. What helped Torak to push aside his worries and continue up the trail?
Mrs Hendys Maths Video
I think I still need some practice with video making skills! But I hope you have fun coming up with your own smoothie recipes and working out the ratios of each one. The local shops often have frozen fruit and you can use up any fruit you have at home, after asking permission of course!
Here is a link to ratio from Bitesize:
Or this one which is aimed at secondary kids if you feel confident with ratios 
Mrs Hendy's SPAG Session
Relative Clause
A relative clause can be used to give additional information about a noun.
They are introduced by a relative pronoun like 'that', 'which', 'who', 'whose', 'where' and 'when'.
Take a look at this BBC Bitesize revision session :
And come up with some sentences using relative pronouns, making the sentence into a relative clause.
(Remember a clause is just another word for a group of words which includes a subject and a verb.)

Thursday 2nd April

We are authors – It has been wonderful to hear about and see your diary entries so far, please continue by writing another entry. So far we have looked at your own experience and your understanding of the situation globally. Today, we would like you to focus on writing about the future. You can include your hopes and expectations for the next few weeks or even longer.
Use the future tense to indicate what you think – or hope – may happen for you personally and for those around you. This will be a great exercise to give you something to look forward to, also it will give you something to read back in a number of weeks and you can see whether your predictions or hopes came true. Remember this diary is for you to express inner thoughts and feelings.
We are readers – The next chapters of Wolf Brother are available for you to listen to with accompanying questions.


We are mathematicians – Following on from your investigations, we would love for you to create your own code with some mathematical clues attached, so that others can try and crack your code. You can use the cypher of A=1, B=2, C=3 etc, or create your own.
You have got such a wealth of mathematical knowledge, so make it challenging! You can include the four operations, fractions, percentages, shape, measurement. You are free to create questions of your choosing, but please have a good range. If you post your code and clues to Seesaw, we can all have a go at cracking it!

We are coders – You have a choice to continue the projects we have done to date:




We are athletes – Joe Wicks is still doing brilliant workouts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEWcBIvqjDk
Just Dance is something we all love.
Or, if you have the space, get outside and get active!

Wolf Brother Chapter 29 

  1. What was the name of the woman measuring Torak up for new clothes? 

  1. Why was she unkind to Torak? 

  1. Do you think Renn was annoyed with Torak when he told her she couldn’t come with him? Explain. 

  1. Why were the adults not impressed when they found Torak? (Especially Krukoslik) 

  1. What evidence is there that Fin-Kedinn allowed Torak to escape? 

  1. What was hanging from Krukoslik’s neck? 

  1. Why do you think Saeunn did not want Torak to know about the Soul-Eaters? 

  1. An idea entered Torak’s mind at the end of the chapter. What do you think his idea to defeat the bear is? 

Wolf Brother Chapter 18 questions
1) What is the simile used right at the beginning of the chapter? What is the effect of this?
2) How many arrows do Renn and Torak have left? Why is this a problem?
3) The author leaves various hints at the beginning of the chapter that Torak and Renn are being watched. Find evidence in the text to support this view.
4) Why do you think there are no reindeers in the forest?
5) What are the three things Torak and Renn could use a reindeer for?
6) 'Next morning dawned colder and foggier than ever, and even Wolf seemed dejected as he led them upstream'
Which of the following words is a synonym of 'dejected'?   excited/confused/dispirited/elated
7) How does Renn feel about Wolf taking them in an Eastern direction? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
8) What shapes does Torak see in the fog? What does this tell us about his mood and feelings?
9) We get a fabulous character description of 'The Walker' . Use this description to draw him and if you could add your illustration to Seesaw, we'd love to see your interpretation of 'The Walker's' appearance.
10) Who does 'The Walker' keep referring to along with himself (almost as if there is another person in his mind)?
11) What sentences does the 'The Walker' say that makes Torak and Renn think he might know something about the second Nanuak?
12) The chapter ends with Torak asking 'The Walker' where they can find the second Nanuak. Do you think they should trust him? Use evidence from the chapter to support your viewpoint,
Thursday 2nd April : Mrs Hendy's SPAG session.
Familiarise yourself with what a pronoun is by going to BBC Bitesize. 
Pronouns replace a person's name or an object.
What is a possessive Pronoun?
Try to guess, using the clues:
Possessive Pronoun- the word possess means to own...
Now take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1n-vchnjXQ
Daily Tasks - Wednesday 1st April
We are artists - We gave you a lot or art tasks to be getting on with last week so we have given you the same activities this week so that you can either continue or perfect last week's work:
Activity 1 Make your own sketchbook:
Collect different types of paper and join using a hole punch and wool.
Activity 2 Drawing as a tool for seeing, and being in the here and now (Also from AccessArt)
Collect some natural objects – shells, stones, sticks, leaves, feathers etc or household objects – cup, shoe, sock, fork, book… anything you like really. Draw the objects, one at a time, using some, or all, of the following techniques:
  • Look and draw your subject (your chosen object) in the time it takes to inhale and exhale one breath.
  • Draw your subject with your non-dominant hand.
  • Hold your pencil or pen lightly from the top (with all five fingers) and dangle it over the paper drawing your subject.
  • Draw your chosen subject in a continuous line without taking your pencil or pen off of the paper.
  • Draw your chosen subject in five lines.
  • Draw your chosen subject in three lines.
  • Look at your subject and draw it without looking at the paper. No cheating!
  • Draw your subject in dots and specks.
  • Draw the outline of your subject in one, strong gesture.
  • Draw your subject without blinking.
  • Draw your subject’s shadow.
  • Draw your subject from inside out with no outline or contour at all (use only shading).
Please follow this link to finds Mrs Price's music and signing home challenges. There are lots of  activities on there which are tailored for KS2 musicians. It would be lovely if you could upload a video of your musical exploits onto Seesaw. Maybe you could also use your video as an entry into Friday's 'Hillcrest's Got Talent' extravaganza. 
We are authors - Please add another diary entry. It would be really interesting for you to reflect in your diary what you think the effects of the Coronavirus are globally (not only in our country). What parts of the world are being effected more/less by the pandemic? Are there any countries who are differing from Britain in their approach to tackling the virus? Are Britain dealing with it the right way or could we look elsewhere for better methods?
We are readers - Please find today's audio reading of Wolf Brother below. Some chapter 17 questions for the Owls are:
1) Renn becomes embarrassed easily when she gets attention. Find two different pieces of evidence in the chapter to support this viewpoint.
2) How old was Renn when her Fa died? How might this strengthen the bond between Renn and Torak?
3) 'For a while there was a companionable silence, and Torak felt contented, even hopeful.'
     What do you think a 'companionable silence' means?
4) What mistake did Torak and Renn make during this chapter? What was the result of that mistake?
5) What creature could Wolf smell at the end of the chapter? Why do you think this?
We are Mathematicians - Fast forward to the start of the school year and Hillcrest's very own Mr Wilson needs your help. One of his old Year 5 pupils has locked the cupboard and he can't remember who he gave the key to. Use your place value skills and follow the clues to find out who the mystery key-keeper is for Mr Wilson. Answers are at the bottom of the sheet but please don't refer to these until you have solved the investigation please.
Lifeskills - Are you an evil genius? Can you create the greatest April Fools prank ever known? If so, share your prank to Seesaw. Please remember though - pranks are supposed to be funny for the person on the receiving end as well as the prankster. A good prank is funny, not mean and we don't want you causing too much carnage for your loved ones at home (just a little bit).

Wolf Brother Chapter 28

  1.     “You can’t treat him like an outcast!”

Select the appropriate antonym for outcast:

Stranger. Friend. Loner. Hero.

  1.     What two reasons made it impossible for Torak to escape?
  2.     In your opinion, what would have hurt Renn more: her brother slapping her across the face, or him saying, “you’re no longer my sister.” Explain.
  3.     Why were Oslak’s cheeks marked with grey river clay?
  4.     What does Wolf call snow?
  5.     Give four reasons why the Den meant danger to Wolf.
  6.     For what reasons did some of the Raven Clan not want Torak to take on the bear?
  7.     For what reasons did some of the clan want Torak to take on the bear?
  8.     At the end of the chapter, what question did Renn ask Hord which ensured that he wouldn’t be chosen for the task?
Empty! Please add a resource.
Wednesday 1st April Mrs Hendy's SPAG
For today revise what a noun and an adjective is by going to the following links on BBC Bitesize:
Write five sentences in your book using interesting adjectives to describe nouns, and interesting adverbs to describe verbs.

Tuesday 31st March

We are authors – In keeping with the emoji game (which was quite challenging) yesterday, have a look at the picture attached. There are 27 common sayings hidden in the picture – ask your adults for a hand if you get stuck, I’m sure they would enjoy the challenge too!

Also, please keep adding to your daily diary. The more content you have, the better!


Please find attached the next chapter of Wolf Brother with comprehension questions attached.


We are athletes - I know lots of you are already doing the work out with Joe Wicks, here’s a link to his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy1yab7jAcU

He is so enthusiastic and you get an amazing workout in only 20 minutes! (Skip to 2 minutes in).

We are mathematicians – For your arithmetic warm up, see the percentages worksheet attached.
After your warm up, we have something very different for you...find attached The Mystery of the Cinema Suspects. This is a Maths game where you must use your mathematical knowledge to unlock clues and eventually find the suspect. Have a go and if you need any support, get in touch via Seesaw.

We are scientists/historians - At this stage, we would usually be learning about different scientists throughout history and exploring their particular contribution to science. All of the visionaries that we will research changed our world for the better, although some (as you will find) had to battle against the odds to be taken seriously.
This week, we would like you to research Marie Curie and present your findings in any way you like – poster, fact file, cartoon, leaflet, poem, balanced argument...whatever you want!
Here are some links to get you started:



Wolf Brother Chapter 28

  1.     “You can’t treat him like an outcast!”

Select the appropriate antonym for outcast:

Stranger. Friend. Loner. Hero.

  1.     What two reasons made it impossible for Torak to escape?
  2.     In your opinion, what would have hurt Renn more: her brother slapping her across the face, or him saying, “you’re no longer my sister.” Explain.
  3.     Why were Oslak’s cheeks marked with grey river clay?
  4.     What does Wolf call snow?
  5.     Give four reasons why the Den meant danger to Wolf.
  6.     For what reasons did some of the Raven Clan not want Torak to take on the bear?
  7.     For what reasons did some of the clan want Torak to take on the bear?
  8.     At the end of the chapter, what question did Renn ask Hord which ensured that he wouldn’t be chosen for the task?
Tuesday 31st March: Mrs Hendy's spag session today is learning about verbs and adverbs. 
Go to BBC Bitesize and copy this link in to learn about verbs. Try the quiz.
Then try this link for adverbs on the same website.
For a challenge write five sentences using unusual verbs and interesting adverbs, remembering to punctuate correctly using capitals and full stops.
Good morning Year 6,
We hope you all had a lovely weekend and were enjoying the weather as much as you could. It has been fantastic to see so many of you keeping in touch on Seesaw and Mr Boyle and I have loved hearing and seeing your responses to our learning challenges as well as your posts letting us know what else you've been getting up to.
Please continue to use Seesaw as a social and educational tool as this will be a really important platform over the coming weeks and months in keeping us all connected.
Daily Home Learning Challenges - Monday 30th March 2020
We are authors - Please keep your diary topped up with daily entries. If you didn't manage to add to it over the weekend then you could do a couple of entries today to catch yourself up. Did you hear the news yesterday that the Government are now speculating that there may be some form of lockdown in the U.K. for as long as six months? How do you feel about that news? What do you think the effects will be on our society after being in lockdown for so long? Is social distancing  harder than you thought it would be? Make sure you use your diary as a cathartic way to air your personal thoughts as well as documenting the events in the country as a whole.
Fancy a grammar emoji challenge? I thought so! Have a look at the image and see how many of the grammar terms you can work out from the emoji pictures.
No photo description available.
To start you off...
1. Relative clause
I've been looking at this for a while this morning and I haven't managed to work them all out (I also don't have an answer sheet), but I'm hoping that if we all share the ones we can work out on Seesaw than we might get all the answers together by the end of the day. That is your Year 6 challenge.
We are Readers - Please find today's audio reading of Wolf Brother (Chapter 15) from Mr Taylor below. Mr Boyle has recorded chapter 26 for the Swifts below, with accompanying questions.
Questions for the Owls on Chapter 15 are:
1) Can you find three different examples in the chapter which make the reader feel like the river is alive? Why has the author chosen to describe the river in this way?
2) Some of the internal thoughts that Torak has in this chapter are very selfless and put others before himself. Can you find evidence in the text to support this viewpoint?
3) The author uses lots of short sentences in this chapter. Why do you think this is?
4) 'He kicked. Couldn't get free. Something was gripping his legging just above the ankle. He twisted round to wrench himself free, but the grip held tight'
The word 'wrench' is used as a verb in this sentence. What is its meaning as a verb?
5) Can you use two words to describe the river and support your descriptions with evidence from the text?
6) How does Torak know he is holding the Nanuak in his fist even though he can't open his hand?
7) The author makes some very interesting verb and adverb choices in this chapter. Can you choose one verb and/or one adverb that is used in this chapter and describe what effect it has on you, the reader.
8) What quality does Torak show at the end of the chapter? Can you find some evidence in the text to support this view?
9) Who do you think the 'Hidden people' in the water are? Are they real people? Are they spirits? Are they just figments of Torak's imagination? Why do you think this?
10) Can you rewrite Chapter 15 through the eyes of Wolf? What is he seeing? What are his feelings? Remember to include lots of wolf-like references.
11) 'Flailing his numb stick-limbs, he began to fight his way back towards the surface. The green grew brighter. The light drew him...'
What is the piece of punctuation used to the end this paragraph called? What is the effect of the author using this at the end of the paragraph?
12) What is your prediction for Chapter 16? Use evidence from the text to support your thoughts.
We are Mathematicians - You guys have worked so hard this year that you have already gone through all of the content within the Year 6 Maths curriculum. You may still find that we set you the odd lesson to go over certain concepts in order to consolidate learning, but the majority of your remaining lessons as mathematicians will be challenging you to apply your learning into investigations. 
Starting off with this theme today is quite a simple one (or so it seems). The investigation is called 'Make 37' and can be shown in the below image.
Just to clarify, you can use any combination of 1's, 3's, 5's and 7's that you like in your ten numbers e.g. you could just use ten 1's if you wanted, although as this would add up to 10, it wouldn't be a great attempt in reaching 37, which is your target number.
Have a go, see what you find out and please share your findings on Seesaw.
There is a link to this investigation (https://nrich.maths.org/7205&part=) with the solution, but please only visit this once you have attempted the investigation for at least half an hour.
We are Historians/We are Philosophers - If you could travel back and live for a day during any historical era, which one would you choose and why? 
Think about these questions while you are there:
- What would you want to do/discover?
- What would you want to learn from the inhabitants?
- What would you want to teach the inhabitants?
- Would you try and do something that would alter history? If so, how would your act effect our society today?
- If given the chance, would you change a part of history or should history be left alone and just be seen as something to learn from?
- If you could stay longer than a day, would you?
We have learnt about lots of historical eras this year: from The Stone Age to The Ancient Greeks to The Transatlantic Slave Trade to The Victorians to WWII
If you choose to travel back to one of these periods so that you can draw on our past learning, that would be great, but you are not restricted to only these time periods and civilisations. 
We are librarians - Wasn't it always a lovely time on a Monday afternoon when we could go to our amazing KS2 library, choose a book, find a quiet space and just have a little down-time reading for half an hour.
I know that you can't visit the KS2 library or a public library, but I would love it if you could do your best to recreate our Monday afternoon library sessions in your house today. Grab a book, find a quiet area of your house and get lost for half an hour in a world of reading. If you could take a photo of yourself during your 'library session' and add it to Seesaw, we would love to see the creative places you have found to escape in a book.
Life skills - See if you can find somebody to play a board game with today. Unplug yourself from electronic device and spend an hour or two playing a game of Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly or any other board game you have in your house and enjoy playing. It is during games like this that we learn key life skills such as turn taking, following rules, negotiation and winning/losing with grace. We would love to find out on Seesaw what board game you have chosen to play and if you had fun.
In the above blue jpeg link are some Ideas I have come up with to enjoy on your own, or with your brothers and sisters.
Hope you are all staying Safe,
Love from Mrs Hendy