Yr 6 Easter Holiday Tasks

Hello everyone!

Happy Half Term - what a weird one it is. We really hope that everyone is safe and well and it has been a pleasure to see so much engagement online. It is important to stay connected.
With that in mind, we have set a few things for you (should you wish) to complete over the half term.
You can do as much or as little as you want.

Anything you do, please post it on Seesaw so that we can all have a look.

All the best, 
Mr Boyle and Mr Taylor

Wolf Brother (Chapter 29) Questions

  1. What was the name of the woman measuring Torak up for new clothes? 

  1. Why was she unkind to Torak? 

  1. Do you think Renn was annoyed with Torak when he told her she couldn’t come with him? Explain. 

  1. Why were the adults not impressed when they found Torak? (Especially Krukoslik) 

  1. What evidence is there that Fin-Kedinn allowed Torak to escape? 

  1. What was hanging from Krukoslik’s neck? 

  1. Why do you think Saeunn did not want Torak to know about the Soul-Eaters? 

  1. An idea entered Torak’s mind at the end of the chapter. What do you think his idea to defeat the bear is? 

Wolf Brother (Chapter 24) Questions
1) 'Claws, claws,' sang the ice. Why did the author use the verb sang instead of echo?
2) Why did Torak not want to swing his axe too forcefully when he was trying to escape?
3) '- then Wolf gave a peevish growl.' What does the word peevish mean?
4) 'Oh very clever, Torak, he told himself. You've just put all of your weight on the wrong leg - the one you hurt in the fall!' What does this inner thought tell us about Torak's character?
5) What was the thing that Wolf had found in the snow?
6) Why did the author end the chapter with Wolf finding this thing and playing with it?
7) 'The petal-like clouds had completely covered the sun.' What is the punctuation used between the words petal and like, why is this punctuation used? Why has the author described the clouds in this way?
8) Can you draw a picture of Torak, Renn and Wolf at any point during this chapter. It could be when Torak is climbing out or when they are all laying in the snow laughing.