Yr 6 Half Term Big & Small Plate Challenge

Happy half term Year 6! Its crazy to think that you only have one more half term left as Hillcrest students. Please be assured though that you'll always be fully fledged members of the Hillcrest family and we will always want to hear about the amazing adventures you get up to in the near and distant future. 
Your final dose of half term challenges focuses on STEM. This may not be a term that you are familiar with, but when you break down what STEM actually stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) you will realise that you are already fantastic STEM learners. It is projected that over the next ten years, STEM jobs will grow at nearly double the rate of non-STEM jobs and it is therefore really important to work on these skills whenever we can. 
We hope you enjoy the challenges. Please share your projects to Seesaw and it would be especially great to see videos of your finished creations in action. It would also be a really helpful reflection if we could comment on each other's posts by naming which of the STEM fields we think would have been most important in each project. To gain some inspiration, please watch the video below which is a brilliant example of one of the small plate challenges and is also mightily impressive!
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