Yr 6 Mini-Enterprise letter 24 May 2021

24th May 2021
Dear Year 6 parents
On Friday 2nd July, we will be doing our Year 6 Mini-Enterprise. This project is always a firm favourite with the children so we are really happy we are able to do it. We will, of course, follow the Covid guidelines in place on 2nd July.
For those parents, who may be unsure of what Mini Enterprise is:
It is a school day when Year 6 children set up their own company which sells a product or service. During the day, children from throughout the school will come to our 'Mini-Enterprise Market' and make purchases. All the profit will be used for a Year 6 treat day later in the term.
To get the children's companies off the ground, there is an option of a £10 loan from the school. This will be paid back at the end of the project. Obviously the more money we raise, the more options we will have for end of year treats.
This Friday, 28th June, the children will be introduced to the project in school and will choose their groups and plan. This will allow many weeks to prepare for the 2nd July. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch.
Thanks The Year 6 Team