Yr 6 Term 1 2019 Homework

25 October 2019
Hi Hillcrest
This half-term we thought it would be fun if we challenged you to take a photo of yourselves reading in an odd place. It could be up a tree or in a swimming pool; it is completely up to you, so get creative. You can post your photo on Seesaw or email it to school.
In other news, there will be no new spellings set for Y2-6 over the holiday. The first spelling test for Yrs 2-6 will be on Friday, November 8th and will be a revision test (so 10 random spellings chosen from the tests in Term 1). 
Have a fun and restful break and we'll see you on November 4th. 
Many thanks 
Ciaran McIntyre
Deputy Head

Year 6 Homework Friday 11th October

Next week you will be writing a balanced discussion where you present both sides of the argument between Aristotle’s capitalism and Plato’s communism.

You have begun learning this week about the differences between capitalism and communism and thinking whether you lean more towards one side.

As your homework this weekend, I would like you to add as a comment or video on seesaw or just share in class one argument in support of communism and one argument in support of capitalism.

This will show that you are already balancing the two ideas.

Try to use non-bias openers to begin your sentences. Examples include:

- Some people believe…

- Others argue that…

- There are those who think that…

Good luck and Enjoy J

Seesaw Homework 18th October 2019
Next week we will be writing newspaper reports on the Trojan war. Please research the features of newspaper reporting and the Trojan war itself.
Add your findings onto Seesaw or share with the class next week.

Homework 20th September 2019

Can you find a really cool, fun fact on the Ancient Greeks that you don’t think anybody else will know?

Either be prepared to share your fact verbally in class or share it as a comment or video on Seesaw.