Yr 6 Term 3 2017

A great piece of exciting, sustained writing... entirely off his own bat!
(Definitely PG certificate!)
BANG! Suddenly and explosion went off in the field. I ran for safety, but a bullet flew past my head whipping my hat clean off. I ran into the camp jumping all the barbed wire in sight, the tornado of flying ammo was unbearable. I jumped into a hedge ripping my shirt and creating a large wound across my body. I shrieked in pain but I knew this was not worth my life, I grabbed for the nearest gun which was at least 4 - 5 meters away, I reached for it, but it was not ideal at that moment because I wasn't feeling amazing, so I made a quick attempt to grab the gun, but a German soldier spotted me from a distance and shouted , "Er ist da druben!" (he is over there), but I didn't have any idea what he was saying. When I had arrived there, I decided to hit the underground tunnels, when i got to the trap door in the trench I heard lots of gun shots behind me in the camp. I bolted down the large tunnel, which was dark and smelt very much like rotting food and the tunnel got more and more foggy and dirty. It was very hard to not cough in this dirty, smoky abyss, but i did, which was not very handy at all because two soldiers heard and decided to check it out. "Damn," I whispered to myself in anger, but they heard. I was fuming, and I hid behind a broken rock and waited for the passing enemies. As they did I jumped out hitting one of the soldiers in the head making him unconscious, as for the other one I didn't know he was there until I saw him pointing a gun to my head. The German soldier shrieked, "nimm deine hande auf deinen kopf" (put your hands on your head), so I dropped my weapon and put my hands on my head. Then he said, "Umm ist das ein Tiger?" (is that a tiger?), he looked back (it was clear German wasn't a fan of tigers) and in this time I picked up my gun and madly fired at the soldier until I fully knew he was dead. At that moment I realised that there was a map in the soldier's pocked. I unfolded the map, it was the area around. I looked for the nearest English camp, it was far walking distance but with two German camps intercepting the way, "it's going to be impossible" I though. I rummaged in the German's bag but there was nothing valuable just a swiss-army-knife, book and a small gun. I dropped the bag and at that moment I had an idea. if I can get into this guy's clothes I can probably just walk right through these camps an Ill I need is his clothes. So, I got in to his clothes but as I did I though "what happens if somebody talks to me I know hardly any German, and even worse, what am I supposed to do if he tells me to kill an Englishman?" I mean it wasn't a great idea, but it was my only idea, so I had no choice unless I wanted to die on the spot with a bullet 4cm into my brain. I decided I was going to do it anyway and at least this time I was sure. Well here goes.