Yr 6 Term 4 2020

If this turns out to have been your last day coming into Hillcrest, what a send off! 
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A message from Miss Norman...

I read this in a newspaper a few weeks ago and was going to read it out at your Leavers’ Assembly but now seems a good time... 

Stay close to those you love, learn all you can from people you trust. Make friends for life and share your worries. Be caring. Don’t hanker after money or fame - there is stuff that matters more. Treat your body well. Find fulfilment in work that you enjoy. If you feel unhappy change something. Trust your own judgement rather that of others. 

Your generation will be the one that saves the planet. Enjoy and cherish the natural world. Climb mountains, walk the fields and fells of your country. Swim in the seas and rivers. Look around you at the landscape-hear the birdsong. Watch for wildlife. Learn about trees and how to save them. 

Take the world to your heart: sympathise with the poor and exploited. Understand the thinking and beliefs of others different from yourself and extend them tolerance. 

You will benefit from great advances in medicines and science. There may be unthought-of pleasures ahead. But be watchful about those who would use technology to threaten your humanity. Join good causes with good intent. 

Enjoy all expressions of human creativity. Who knows where the worlds of music, theatre, dance and literature are heading, but they will open your mind and your imagination. You will find inspiration and human sympathy. Make time for poetry: try writing it. Be creative in all things, and share with others. You are unique-have the courage to know that.


A message from Mr Mac...
This is not a goodbye; this is a see you later.

These are very strange times we are living in and there is a chance we may not all gather again under the Hillcrest roof before your official leaving date in July. We remain ever hopeful that this will not be the case and that we will say our fond farewells in the warmth of summer when all of this is behind us. But, just in case, I think that it is important that we take some time to remember, to celebrate and to eulogise on your time here at Hillcrest. For, after all, it has been quite the journey. 

My first vivid memory of you guys is, of course, the time I taught you in year 1. You were an absolute pleasure to teach. I was still but a young buck in this teaching malarkey and I do remember counting myself lucky to be surrounded by young minds eager for the learning journey ahead as you grappled with letter formation, phonics, number bonds to 10, and naming shapes. Then off you went on you Hillcrest adventure.

There were tears and scrapes; there were laughs and successes; there were arguments and failures; there were trips and camps; there were sports days and house-points; there were assessments and mock SATS. And you did it all. You got through it. You made it. 

With a healthy dose of resilience, partnerships, excellence and innovation, you got to the end of the maze.

And when I look at the young people you have become, I am extremely proud of each and every one of you. You are all ready to take the next step in your life journey, and can make of it whatever you wish.

This, of course, is not to say that it has been a bed of roses for us teachers. Not on your Nelly.

Because, oh boy, there were times where, well I’ll be blunt, you are, after all, old enough now to hear it...

You were irritating, annoying, played dangerously with our very last nerve. 

Sorry, what? You accidentally bit your friend. Your mouth was open and he just ran into it? And you had no choice but to just close your mouth on his arm?

You threw your shoe at him because you were angry?

No, you were talking in the line. In fact you are still talking in the line. Would you please stop talking in the line.

Why would you put a full stop there? We’ve been telling you since reception to put them at the end of a sentence. No! That is not the end of the sentence.

You don’t have a pen? My goodness, I wonder how we'll solve that one in a classroom full of pens. 

I do kid. All of it is part of the adventure and we secretly kind of like it. It certainly gives us something to talk about in the staff room.

So, to the next adventure...

I wish I could say things will be plain sailing from here on in, but that is just not the case. I’m sure events like we are living through right now will tell you that life can be tough.

You will face many obstacles and, I’m sorry to say it, you will fail. A lot. We have given you some of the tools you need to climb over these obstacles and to find joy and successes in life.

We encourage you to always and forever take time to sharpen these tools, and to add more. The more the merrier. 

Please don’t ever let anyone tell you that good results and schooling is all that matters in life. You can not sum up a person's character in SATS scores. You will be truly measured by your actions; your kindness; you positive attitude; your friendliness; your resilience; and your hard work.

But please don’t let anyone tell you that schooling and good exam results do not matter. The journey you have undertaken here at Hillcest has been a worthy one.

You have learnt that the tail of a ‘y’ must go under the line; that if you have 5 apples and you eat 2, you have 3 left. That the great fire of London was in...? That Stone Age engineers can rival those of the Victorian era.

On their own, these lessons might not seem like much, but the sum of knowledge and skills the teachers have taught you here will stand to you throughout your life. 

We ask you now to never let your education stop. Be forever curious. Go to museums. Read, read and read. Do things that scare you. Fail, fail and fail. Succeed, succeed and succeed. Try to stay friends. Look out for one another. Catch up.

I promise you, you will never forget the friends you made here and remember, after all, this is not a goodbye. This is a see you later.