Yr 6 Term 5 Homework 2021

Term 5 Homework
This term there won’t be any weekly spellings or Seesaw homework in Year 6. However, we are having a real focus on engineering through engagement with the natural world and we would therefore like you to have a go at some of the tasks below at home over the coming weeks.
Have a go at as many of the tasks that interest you. Also consider which ones will most support your clan. There are six available tasks so you may wish to split them between your fellow clan members. We hope you enjoy innovating with natural resources and look forward to seeing what you bring into school.
1. Could you create an outfit that would protect you from the elements during the Stone Age? Use natural materials e.g. leaves, grass, fur, leather.
2. Did you know that Stone Age people invented the first musical instrument? A bone flute! Can you create your own instrument from natural materials and play a tune with it?
3. Stone Age people used natural dyes like elderberries, walnut husks and broom flowers to dye the fabrics they wove. Use white cotton and experiment with different natural materials to make different colours.
4. Can you create a belt suitable for a hunter/gatherer? This could be adapted from an old belt you have, but no longer use or you could create your belt from scratch with natural materials. Think about the different compartments a hunter/gatherers belt would need and why.
5. Sew an image of your clan’s emblem. This should match the design your clan did in school so that it makes you easily identifiable as a clan member. It could even be sewn onto your Stone Age clothes.
6. The ability to migrate was a key component of survival for Stone Age people. Boats made of logs and driftwood were one of the first forms of transportation. Can you make your own boat made purely from natural materials? Will it sail?