Yr 6 Term 6 2021

Term 6 Newsletter
Welcome to your final term at Hillcrest! We are super excited for what should be a fun and exciting end to your time with us.

As ever, all the staff are here for your wellbeing so if there is ever something you would like to discuss, come and find one of the fantastic adults that work with you; we are always here to support you.

If there is ever anything we can do to help you, never hesitate to ask!

A brief snapshot of the term ahead:

Enquiry – This term our enquiry is ‘Graffiti: Vandalism or Street Art?’ We will explore where graffiti originated from, its influences and the moral debate of whether it is something to be celebrated or discouraged.

English – Our focus in writing this term will be innovating faritytales. By the end of this term your child will have published a booklet with different genres based on their chosen fairytale.

Maths – We will be giving the children lots of investigations that will challenge them to apply their mathematical knowledge to real-life problems. This will allow them to recap their learning whilst building resilience.

PE – P.E. this term will be on Wednesday. Your child should be bring their full P.E. kit on this day each week.

Mini Enterprise – We will be preparing our mini enterprise over the first two weeks of term and it will take place on Friday 2nd July. It is a day of school where Year 6 children set up their own company which sells a product or service. During the day, children from throughout the school will come to our 'market' and make purchases. All of the profit will be used for a Year 6 treat day later in the term. To get the children's companies off the ground, there is an option of a £10 loan from the school. This will be paid back at the end of the project. The children may require more than £10 to fund their idea and in this case, we appreciate any further financial support you are able to give them.

Camp week – This will be the week beginning 21st June and will comprise of two nights at Kilve and activities back in school on the Thursday and Friday. We are sure the children will love all that we have planned.

Leaver’s production and assembly – Leavers production will be in the penultimate week of term and the assembly is on the last day of term. These will both happen in some form, even if just sending a recording home. We would love to have a live audience in school, but this will depend on the Covid guidance at the time.

Home Time - As the children are now the oldest in the school we understand that they may be allowed to walk home alone. If you haven’t already and want your child to walk home, please fill in the appropriate form and send it to the office.

Drop off/pick up times – This term, 6RT will need to be in school at 8.50 and they will leave school at 15.20. 6PB will need to be in school at 9.00 and they will leave at 15.30.

Homework – There will be no formal homework this term, but your child may need to do things at home in the first half of the term for mini enterprise and the second half of the term in preparing for our Leaver’s production.

From Mr Boyle, Mr Taylor and Mrs Hendy