Yr 6 Water Safety Session info 15 October 2019

Year 6 Water Safety session with both classes on Tuesday 22nd of October.
The children need to bring their usual swimwear plus their pyjamas. These should be thin cotton ones - long sleeves and full-length bottoms are preferable. T-shirt and leggings/shorts would also OK.
No onesies, hooded clothing, fleece material or nightdresses, please, as they make the task extra-challenging and we want to be as safe as possible!
Here is what we expect cover in the session:
30 Minute WATER SAFETY SESSION - Summary
Children should wear their PJs onto the poolside, over their swimming costumes/trunks.
The swim instructor will:
Explain why learning about water safety is important:
We have lots of water around Bristol so we need to be able to save ourselves if we fall in. NO goggles allowed because you wouldn’t have them if you fell in by accident!!
Note water safety points:
Keep yourself safe by swimming with an adult or a friend, never swim alone.
Who to ask for help at the pool/beach?
Flags and what they mean at the beach.
Who to call for help in an emergency? 999 Coastguard.
NEVER get in to save someone in trouble; you are endangering yourself!!!
We will then split the children into two groups in the shallow section.
For warm-up: a slide into the pool then walking/running/jumping etc as they get used to the strange feeling of clothes in the water. Try sinking under water but first the instructor will explain that loose clothing is a problem and may go over their mouth = Danger! Children must clear their face.
All about floating
The RNLI now say that panic swimming to safety uses up too much energy and is actually dangerous. They recommend Floating First. Floating will conserve energy, requires very little energy and arguably makes you more visible as more of your body is at the surface.
Try floating for 1 minute! The children can count too (as loudly as they like to reach 60 sec!) They find this tricky but it is SO important!
Try swimming Back Crawl. Arms are a weight and will cause some sinking. Now try kicking and sculling instead to keep it easy.
Try Front crawl. Swim with head down and over arm action - most will bump into other children so we explain that to save themselves it is ok to swim with head up! Also note the same heaviness if bringing arms over the water.
Try doggy paddle instead.
With heads up they can see their destination and swim the shortest straightest course to safety. They will also be able to see if a current is taking them off course.
Try Breast Stroke ith head up and have a go!!
Turbulent water simulation and swim.
Some children will have found that their PJ bottoms were falling down, which can be an issue in real life.
Try taking the bottoms off in the water - the children will find this pretty tricky!
Trying to take trousers off in the water in a real life emergency can be difficult and dangerous and it may be better to keep bottoms on to save yourself.
Climb out the pool to take the top off - again, this is not recommended while IN the water unless it's a heavy material which is dragging you down.
They must not cover their faces for long - breathing is paramount!
Reiterate: NEVER get in the water to save someone yourself!!!
Amanda Wyatt School Swimming Co-ordinator for Hengrove Park Leisure Centre/Jubilee Pool andExpressions Gym
E-mail swim.hengrove@parkwood-leisure.co.uk