Zoom Meetings


Zoom Guidance and Information for Hillcrest Families

During lockdown we kept in regular contact with parents and children. One of the ways in which we did this is by using a website called Zoom for our online video meetings. Hopefully, we will be able to continue face to face teaching but if this changes we may need to resort to the world of Zoom again. We're leaving this information in place, just in case.

5 March 2021


Teachers use their school email accounts to host the meetings which you can join securely from the Zoom website or app. You don’t need to create your own account in order to do so.

Each teacher will post the details of their weekly meetings on Seesaw (or Tapestry for Reception) as it is securely accessed by one class only. If you don’t have access to Seesaw, we can send you these details via e-mail, if requested. The information posted will include the meeting ID (a 13-digit number), a password that has been chosen your child’s teacher and the date and time of the meeting. There is a regular timetable of meetings – your child’s teacher will set up a meeting at the same time, on the same day, once a week.

We will never ask to 'video meet' with you or your child outside our school hours, which are currently 9am - 3:30pm.  

To join a meeting, just go to the Zoom website or app and click ‘Join a Meeting’. You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID and password. Please use your child’s first name and last initial when you join the meeting, as opposed to your own name – the host teacher will need to admit children into the meeting from a virtual waiting room. This becomes more difficult if the name of the person waiting to enter is the name of the parent. When the teacher is ready, they will admit your child into the meeting.

During the meeting, please make sure the computer is in a suitable place (not in a bedroom or bathroom) and the background is as clear as possible, showing just the wall perhaps. Please also make sure that an adult is present during the meeting. Adults do not need to be on screen but they should be in the room with their child.

For everyone’s safety and security, we will record our meetings. The recordings will either be kept on our school server or on teachers’ password protected laptops at home. No-one will be permitted to view the recordings without good reason and only with permission from the headteacher. The recordings will be deleted after one week. Where possible, we will also have two Hillcrest adults present in each Zoom meeting – usually the class teacher and Teaching Assistant.

You may have read a lot about problems with video calling software. Zoom has improved its security settings recently to reduce the risk of the following:  

  • Zoom-bombing
  • Risk of phishing
  • Privacy concerns
  • Recordings
  • Private zoom meetings
  • Inappropriate content
  • Data Protection
  • Poor privacy controls and security

The procedures described above will further ensure the safety and security of your child during our online meetings. There should be no inappropriate content during any of our online video meetings. Please contact the school if you are concerned about any of the content of the video call.

Finally, it is important that children remember the 3Bs during these meetings – Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful. For that reason, please can you ask your children to adhere to the following expectations:

  • Don’t un-mute yourself
  • Don’t send unnecessary chat messages
  • Don’t change your screen-name once the meeting has started
  • Don’t change your background once the meeting has started
  • Do behave respectfully at all times
  • Do behave kindly at all times
  • Do participate fully in all activities
  • Do join in with discussions
  • Do enjoy spending some virtual time with your teachers and classmates.


Click on the link below to download a helpful guide to Zoom for parents from National Online Safety.