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Wells Road Crossing again

Hillcrest parent Anna Boulter is going to be interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol about the crossing, which so many of our children use. She'll be on at 8.40am on Tuesday 7th December - hardly ideal timing for drop off, but it should be available on catch up if you would like to listen. 


She will also be attending tomorrow's full council meeting to address a question directly to Marvin Rees and try to get the council to stand by their previous commitment to replacing Paul on the crossing. 


Windmill Hill Cllr Ed Plowden has submitted this supporting statement which he hopes to read out at the meeting too, if time permits:


Discontinuation of Hillcrest School’s School Crossing Patrol on Wells Road

I am very concerned by the proposal to save a miniscule amount of money by discontinuing the School Crossing Patrol on the Wells Rd.

Whilst I agree that most engineered crossings to do not need a patrol, this site is an exception as was recognised in 2017, being by far the busiest crossing with a high proportion of HGVs and a high number of road users not respecting the lights.

There was a substantial outcry from the local community when discontinuing this site was last proposed and, in the end, the post was continued for two reasons – firstly the very strong local feedback and safety concerns, and secondly due to the fact that at this site there is a PV2 (i.e. volume of pedestrians and especially vehicles) that is so high that it is a significant outlier. For these reasons it was decided not to apply the policy and make an exception for this one site using this evidence. There was no backlash to this decision from other sites.

As a former parent and Chair of Governors at Hillcrest School I have personally witnessed many incidents of appalling and unsafe driver behaviour at this site, even when patrolled. I note in the November members forum that Cllr Graham Morris (Conservative Question 13) is concerned by a significant increase in HGV traffic on the A37, perhaps due to displacement caused by the Bath CAZ. The Mayor’s reply indicates that there is no monitoring taking place, so this SCP decision can not be said to be based on evidence, unlike the decision NOT to discontinue this site and make an exception here.


I am astonished that Bristol’s Labour administration have decided to end protection for this crossing without the slightest form of communication or consultation, for example via the School’s newsletter. This could also have been used to try and recruit a replacement when the last officer, Paul, retired after an impressive 17 years of service. I am sure that if this is now undertaken then you will receive a clear message to maintain this site.

For all these reasons I fully understand the local concerns and urge that this decision is reconsidered.


Councillor Ed Plowden

Councillor for Windmill Hill