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What are we learning this term?


This term we will be learning about the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation.  We will be exploring who they were, what their beliefs were and some of the things they invented and how even now they have had an influence.  We will be using this knowledge to engage our readers through different writing genres.  We might even mummify Mr Mac!



As mathematicians, we will be exploring the place value of 4-digit numbers and using this knowledge to help us round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  We will be looking at how to use Roman Numerals and estimating numbers on a number line up to 10,000. As well as place value, we will be exploring how to use column addition and subtraction with exchanges. We will be starting our adventure on Times Tables Rock Stars to help us become more fluent with our times tables.  Look out for your child's log in to Times Tables Rockstars in the front of their Reading Records.



As authors, we will be looking at the features of instruction writing about how to create a mummy.  Later in the term, we will be exploring warning tales, and having a go at writing our own engaging stories based around the Egyptian pyramids.  Each week we will have a new class text to explore to help us look at different reading skills and genres.  Every Thursday we will be our Spelling Saga Test day where the children will be paired together to have a go.  At the end of the term there will be a level check, including anyone who is taking on a boss - the bosses better be ready for the Year 4 team!

The children have all been given Reading records and will be coming home with a new levelled book over the next couple of weeks.  We are encouraging children to read 4 times a week, this can be by themselves or to someone else.    Don't forget to visit the bookbarn often to change reading books.

Each day we will be looking in the records to see who has read 4 times of more. When a child reads 4 times, or more in a week, they will be given a raffle ticket to be entered into a weekly draw to win a hot chocolate with Mr Mac. 

Each week we will also be visiting the KS2 library to find a book to read for pleasure and listening to a class story at the end of the day.  This term's story will be: The Time travelling cat and the Egyptian Goddess by Julia Jarman.


Foundation Subjects 

This term as Engineers, we will be developing our coding skills creating a game on Scratch.  We will be looking at how to create our own sprites, create sprites which are Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) and look at how to check our codes and debug them.  Each week we will be given a new artist to listen to and discuss.  I wonder who our first one will be....

As Philosophers, we will be exploring being ourselves and how our rights and responsibilities both in school and out.  As Religious explorers, we will explore Judaism looking at answering the question "How special is the relationship that Jews have with God?"