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What are we learning this term?


As Authors, we will be building upon what the children have learned in Year 2, starting with precision sentence structure, focussing on meeting the Hillcrest Standard for writing expectations, and developing effective and coherent pieces of writing. Our daily SPaG lessons will include specific grammar work, as well as giving children the opportunity to work on their ‘Hillcrest Spelling Saga’ spellings.  Our weekly spelling checks be every Friday (starting next week – 16th September.) We will also be incorporating regular phonics revision to help children become more fluent in their spelling.  


We will use shared texts, each day, during our Enquiry/Authors lessons to develop DERIC – Decoding, Explanation, Retrieval, Inference and (Authorial) Choice. The children will have the opportunity to change their independent reading books regularly, and we encourage parents to read at home four times a week with their child (feel free to do more!). Raffle tickets will be awarded each week (one ticket for reading four times a week, two tickets for more.) At the end of each term, one lucky member of each class will win a book voucher! Please comment and sign in the children’s reading records each time they read. 



As Mathematicians, our focus will be on mastering mathematical concepts and exploring mathematical thinking. Our starting point will always be the children’s current knowledge and understanding of the concepts being taught. In Term 1, this will include securing our knowledge of place value and exploring addition and subtraction. This will be done through the use of concrete objects and pictorial representations, before moving on to the abstract (ie: numbers).  



On Fridays, the children will alternate between being Artists with Miss Sharples or Athletes with Mr Hill (Matt).