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Yoga at the Saltcellar


Eileen Yoga offers a 6-week series of Yoga at The Salt Cellar classes begin on Thursday 20th of March. 

There are two classes on offer:


Mindful Hatha Yoga 6-7pm

Whether you are new to yoga or have some experience give this class a try.  The focus is a steady, mindful practice to find balance, to find a yoga practice that suits all of you.


Gentle Yoga 2-3pm

The pace of this class is slow and steady so that we can move with ease and start to calm our minds. Perhaps you feel that you aren’t very flexible, need to build strength or have an injury. In this gentle class we can find adaptations, for instance if you find it difficult to work on the floor you can use a chair, or the wall for support, so we find a practice that suits you.


Take a look at my spring offers:


A Single Class join me for £10


New members can buy their first class for £6 use the code SPRINGSAVING.


4 Class Pass Join me for 4 classes for £32


6 Class Pass Join me for 6 classes for £48


6 Class Friends and Couples Pass you can join with a friend book two places for £90. If you choose this option let me know the contact details of your friend, so I can book them onto the class.


You can buy your pass at