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Schools 48 Hour Film Challenge!


An amazing opportunity for any creative media, drama, writers, actors and tech experts at Hillcrest!



We want to support young people around the country to get involved with the creative industries, who are currently worth £4.3 billion in this country! We also want to show young people how truly creative and imaginative they can be, whilst having a great time! We started in Redmaids’ High School in Bristol and have grown over the last 4 years.


The 48 Hour Challenge takes place over a weekend 10th -12th May and parents, friends and families are encouraged to take part in all the creative mayhem. Registration closes on Saturday 4th May 2024.


Over the years the feedback from pupils and parents has been amazing, everyone discovering hidden talents. The only equipment required is a smartphone. We supply a wealth of free resources from our sponsors to get everyone ready for the challenge.


Film entries cost £10 and this will be going to the Young Minds and Off The Record Charities, who are doing an amazing job supporting young people in our communities. All the films will be given feedback and all challengers will receive a certificate and medal. When the challenge is complete all our young creatives are seen as winners!


Any films that really standout for any reason will be sent to the Judges panel and this year we are so pleased to have Col Needham, CEO and Founder of IMDb - what he doesn’t know about film isn’t worth knowing! Alongside him will be an up-and-coming writer and director Adil Ladha. Recipients of the judges special awards will also receive written feedback from the writer of the huge blockbuster film Mamma Mia! The amazing Catherine Johnson!