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Tempus salutationibus

Yr 4 have been using adverbs to write blessings and curses. Archaeologists discovered metal engravings at the bottom of the underground hot spring in the Roman baths (Aqua Sulis). Much like in modern days when people throw coins into wishing wells, it appears that in ancient times, people engraved their curses and blessings onto thin metal and threw them into the geothermal spring. What blessing or curse would you wish for? Which adverb would it need?

We're learning about adjectival agreement in Yrs 5 and 6

Trying on helmets!

Children from Yr 4 have been describing themselves in Latin

Alexa has written the numbers 1 to 10 in Urdu

We've been describing ourselves in Latin

Yr 3 used Greek root words to invent their own mythical monsters.

Root words - Our newly discovered dinosaurs!

Here's the list of root words that the children used to create their dinosaur. I wonder what creations people at home might come up with....



In amongst the photos, there were two different dinosaur creations called 'Plato-saurus' (flat lizard). Can you find them?





Miss Wilson