School Logo

School Uniform


The children at Hillcrest wear their school uniform with pride, every day.



  • Green, crew-neck sweatshirt or cardigan with logo         £10.30


  • Pale blue, short-sleeved polo shirt with logo (optional)  £6.80


Order the logo sweatshirts, cardigans and polos on line, from My Clothing: 
  • Pale blue polo shirt without logo, available from supermarkets.


  • Black school trousers, shorts or skirt, available from supermarkets.


  • Blue gingham summer dress (optional), available from supermarkets.


To be worn with:


  • Black, flat shoes with laces, straps or velcro. Trainers are acceptable if they are completely black. 

PE Kit

Children should always have their PE kit in school:
  • House T-shirt in their House colour, from the office.* £4.00

       Endeavour   Adventure 

          Victory   Discovery 

  • Shorts
  • Daps or trainers
  • A named bag for their kit, to hang on their peg.  




Optional items 

Baseball Cap, from the school office. *                              £3.50
These are available in the four house colours, popular with the children and great for sunny days. 
Book Bag, from the school office. *                                    £5.00
Sturdy, water resistant, navy book bags, embroidered with the school logo.
* Please pay for T-shirts, caps and book bags on Gateway and collect from the office.
(If your child hasn't started at Hillcrest yet the office can take payment in cash. If they have a sibling who is already here please use their Gateway account to purchase.)

Second Hand Uniform



Second hand uniform is free and is kept in a store in the grassy area, sorted into crates, by size. It is available every day, before and after school, so that you can help yourself to anything you need. Please help us to keep the store tidy.


Do remember to cross out the previous owner's name and

put your child's name in anything you take.


We are always grateful for donations of clean, uniform items in good condition.

Please drop them off at the office.







Easy to order - just click here


Easy to use - no sewing or ironing - just stick to the wash-care label

Washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and even micro-wave proof. 


Uses include clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles, shoes, bags, PE kit, glasses cases, trainers, musical instruments, books, inhalers, phones, etc.



Saving you money - It's a fact of life... children can be careless with their things! If we can return just one labelled coat or jumper to your child you'll have covered the cost of the labels!


It's a great fundraiser for the school too!  Hillcrest automatically earns 30% commission when you order using the link above.