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Life can sometimes be tricky and it can make you feel sad, lonely, worried,

nervous and all sorts of other emotions. This can happen to anyone at any time. 

We want to help you with any worries you have. 

Using the Worry Box is one useful way to manage stressful feelings. Writing your worries down can help you to focus and think about them more clearly, and about what you want.


  • You may want a grown-up to help. 


  • Or you may just want leave your worries in the box so you don't need to think about them any more - that’s fine too. We will hold them for you.


Use the grey bar or arrows on the right to move down the page. When you have finished what you want to say click on 'Submit' at the bottom.




It is OK to be worried about things but, often, the more you talk about a worry the smaller it will get!

(We will only share your worries with anyone else if we think that you or someone else could be in danger, so that you and your family can get the help and support needed.)