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World Book Day

A Roman centurion!


4PB working hard to keep the classroom neat and tidy

4PB acting out scenes from The Highwayman


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Yr 4 have been using adverbs to write blessings and curses. Archaeologists discovered metal engravings at the bottom of the underground hot spring in the Roman baths (Aqua Sulis). Much like in modern days when people throw coins into wishing wells, it appears that in ancient times, people engraved their curses and blessings onto thin metal and threw them into the geothermal spring.

4PB voted for their committee members this week

Yr 4 doing practical maths to investigate area

4PB at Redcatch Community Garden

4PB enjoying the library

We had a fantastic visitor in this week, he was a bee keeper and "Pollination Champion"! We looked around the school for places where we could build in flower beds to attract more pollinators.

Redcatch Community Garden

Egyptian funeral rites - Mummifying Mr Mac!


4WP's first Redcatch Community Garden session

4PB are settling in well

Our first week