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FAQ about Diverse Dining

How are the groups of six chosen?

The children are asked who they would like to sit with. Groups of six are chosen each term. The groups can go across the year group so children can sit with friends from the other class if they wish. We will monitor diverse dining throughout this term and review the groups in December. It is likely that we will ask children at the end of each term whether they would like to change their groups or not.


Will my child always have this set time for lunch for the rest of the year?

Like the groups, we will review timings at the end of each term.


How will this be staffed?

Diverse Dining will allow us to utilise more staff, both in the hall and in the playground.


 Yr 3 and Yr 5's lunchtime has started at 12.30pm since September. Will it now start at 1pm?

No. Yr 3 and 5 will go out to play at 12.30pm and will be called in to dine at 1pm.


Will packed lunches be eaten in the hall?

Yes. All children will have their lunch in the hall so children with packed lunches will sit down and enjoy their lunch with their peers having school meals.


How much time will children have in the playground?

The children will have 35-45 minutes to play outside with their friends.


Do the children have to wait until everyone on their table is finished before they can go outside?

Ideally, we would like each table to eat and clear up as a unit. However, we are aware that some children are slower eaters than others so there may be times when we allow the majority of children on a table to go outside to play while the slower eaters are given some extra time to finish their meal.


Do they have to play with the children they have their lunch with?

They can if they wish but they do not have to.


Will the older children be responsible for cutting up the younger children’s food?

No. The adults are in charge of ensuring all children have a successful lunchtime.