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The Role of the Governors


The governing board consists of a maximum of 15 governors and can comprise:


  • Parent Governors - elected by Parents
  • Co-opted Governors -  appointed by the Governing Board on the basis of their expertise
  • Staff Governors - elected by teaching and non-teaching staff 
  • LA Governors - appointed by the Local Authority 
  • Associate Members - appointed by the Governing Board 
  • The Headteacher 


We come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experience. 


The Governing Board exists to provide strategic direction for the school, and to ensure, through monitoring, that the school is providing the appropriate high standards of education for all its pupils. The school governors support and challenge the school as it works towards its aims and priorities.

Governors are unpaid volunteers who act as individuals in what they believe to be the best interests of the school - they do not ‘represent’ a particular group. The full Governing Board (FGB) meets six times a year and there are two committees that also meet termly.

What do school governors do?


  • Monitor the performance of the school
  • Oversee the budget
  • Oversee the school curriculum
  • Help recruit staff
  • Advise on school policies and procedures
  • Provide a vital means for parents and the community to get their views heard by the governing board as a whole


If you would like any further information about the governing board, or have any matters you would like to raise with governors, please contact the Chair, Kate Lehane, or the Clerk, Sue Burns. See below.