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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


5CS - Nadia Nadim class

When choosing a class role model for 5CS, Miss Silver wanted to pick someone relatively unknown, to educate others about an inspiring person they may not have heard of. Nadia Nadim is a young woman who proves that you can achieve your hopes and dreams, no matter what your life circumstances are. She dreams big, works incredibly hard, and is hugely proud of her roots as a refugee from Afghanistan.


Composite photo of Nadia Nadim playing football on the left, speaking into a microphone on the right and, inset in the centre, as a lilttle girl with another child.


Nadia Nadim



5DB - Muhammad Ali class

Mr Barham has chosen Muhammad Ali as an inspiration because he cared for the oppressed and was brave when standing up for himself and when expressing his beliefs. He used his platform as a boxing superstar to speak out against racial segregation.


Black and white photo of Muhammad Ali in mid speech, with a bank of microphones in front of him, gesturing with his right hand.




Meet the team


Head and shoulders photo of Miss Perkins.Miss Perkins

I am a new member of the Year 5 team. In my spare time (and around the school) I love gardening. I have a lovely dog called Willow who loves to be pampered and groomed. I have been part of the Hillcrest team for a very long time.  



Head and shoulders photo of Mr Barham.Mr Barham

Believe it or not, this is my fourth year at Hillcrest. I am delighted to be moving into the Year 5 team. The curriculum is incredibly exciting and I'm sure both the staff and pupils will benefit extensively from the wide variety of fun and fascinating topics.  


This year I am continuing to lead Music with the support of Mr Redshaw, and I am also the schools new head of PE. Both great subjects link closely with my own passions and interests - as in my spare time, I love to play piano and guitar, and am also very keen on playing squash, running, martial arts and swimming. 



Head and shoulders photo of Miss Silver.Miss Silver

I’m very excited to be working in Year 5 alongside my trusty teaching assistant, Miss Perkins. I am very much looking forward to teaching a whole range of new enquiries – particularly the one about space! I love the outdoors and have a passion for all things ‘eco'. You can often find me in the allotments digging up the pesky weeds, and planting a range of fruits and vegetables. Outside of school I enjoy going on long walks with my dog Reggie and love swimming (although I don’t go as often as I should!). This year I am Geography lead.  



Head and shoulders photo of Miss Slotwinska.Miss Slotwinska

I have many hobbies such as reading, writing and singing. I also like to do quiet things like meditation and spending time with my baby in the park. I am very excited to be part of the Year 5 team this year and look forward to working with such an amazing group of children.



Term 1 Letter


Dear Year 5 Parents and Carers


A great big welcome to all to a new school year and Year 5! We hope you have all had a restful summer break and have managed to recharge ready for a new year. Year 5 is a fantastic year for Hillcrest pupils, as they move into the later stages of primary school and get to engage their minds and stretch their learning through many exciting subjects and enquiries.


It has been great to see everyone back in school again. The school has been filled with such a buzz of positive energy, making - both teachers and pupils alike - excited for the year ahead. We can’t wait to get started in a year full of learning, challenge and growth.


We are incredibly excited to be moving into the Year 5 team. How lucky we all are to be teaching some familiar faces for another year! We know we are going to have an amazing time and can’t wait to add a new level of more depth to Maths, English and Enquiries. As a year group, there is so much positivity, enthusiasm and motivation for learning and because of this, we know you will all make the most of everything we will cover. It is also exciting to announce the changes to the names of classes. No longer are we birds - we are named after significant and important role models.


Just So You Know…


This year, the children will be having PE twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so if you take kits home, make sure they are back in and ready for these days.


As Artists, the children will be working with Ms. Sharples weekly, and as Linguists, the children will be studying Latin with Miss Wilson, alternating this teaching with the class teachers.


As Authors this term we will be focussing on the genres of ‘Myths and Legends’ and ‘Persuasive letters'. These will be taught through our Enquiry, ‘Where is our twin?’. During these enquiries, the children will become Geographers, learning about Bristol’s twin cities, and learning and practising skills such as using maps, and understanding longitude and latitude.


As Mathematicians, we will be covering place value as well as addition and subtraction. We will be using our mathematical brains to tackle challenges, focussing on developing key skills and achieving fluency. 


Home Time - As the children are almost the oldest in the school, we understand that they may be allowed to walk home alone. Please fill in the required form before allowing your child to walk home by themselves. This is necessary before they do so. Ask your teacher, or a member of the office staff for one of these forms if you need one.


Important Dates:


Thursday 23rd September – Year 5 Curriculum Evening (5:30-6:30)

Monday 11th-13th October –Camp

19th October – Little Kitchen workshop

20th October – Virtual Parliament Workshop


Note: Due to parent’s evening being in the same week as Year 5 camp, we will be pushing it into the second week of Term 2. You will be updated about this closer to the time.


As always, if you ever have any questions, worries or concerns, our doors are always open!


Many thanks


The Year 5 Team

Miss Silver, Mr Barham, Miss Perkins and Miss Slotwinska