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Spring/Summer Menu

W/C Monday 15th April 2024 - Monday 21st October 2024




Packed Lunches 

If your child is bringing a packed lunch from home let us know on Arbor.
Make sure that the box or bag is clearly labelled on
the outside with their name and class. 
Please do not include:
  • Sweets or chocolate bars
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Nuts or any foods containing them (check the ingredients on cereal bars, chocolate spreads, pesto, flapjacks etc)*


It's a great help if little ones have things they can peel/open for themselves.


* Hillcrest is an allergy aware school, but please note that we cannot guarantee a 100% nut free environment.




Drinking Water

We provide beakers and jugs of water for everyone on the lunch tables, for children having both  school meals and packed lunches.
We also suggest that every child has their own water bottle in school every day, clearly labelled with their name. They can fill from the classroom taps.

School Meals


Our school meals contractor is Chartwells. They provide a three week rolling menu.


A choice of meals are freshly prepared in our school kitchen. Every day except Mondays there is a choice of:


  • A meat or fish dish
  • A Halal version of the meat dish*
  • A vegetarian dish*
  • Pasta with home-made tomato sauce
  • Jacket potato with salad and a choice of filling - cheese, beans or tuna mayo


On Mondays ALL the choices are vegetarian. 


* If your child is Halal or vegetarian please make sure that you have logged their Dietary   

   Preference on Arbor so that the kitchen staff know.




Specific dietary needs


Chartwell provide tailored meals for vegans, children with food allergies, intolerances or religious requirements:


'Our primary objective is to keep your children safe every day when enjoying their school meals. We take allergies very seriously and, supported by our robust Medical Diet Policy, we’ve taken every step to ensure that as many children as possible living with food allergies and intolerance can eat safely at school with their friends. To find out more please email:'





Sit down with your child at home and order the meals they'd like on Arbor. You can do this for a day at a time, for a whole week, or for the full term. See the full three week rolling  menu above. The menu for the week ahead is also in your Friday eMailbag every week. Please also tell us on Arbor if your child is bringing a packed lunch.


It is fine to mix school meals and packed lunches through the week and to vary from week to week.


  • Find Meals on your Arbor home page
  • Click on Winter 2024
  • Each date has a drop down menu with all the meal options (including packed lunch)
  • Just tick your child's choice!


You can choose the meal for each day individually or select the same option for the whole term - for instance, if your child always likes the fish fingers and chips on Friday, or fancies the beef lasagna on Tuesday every time Week 2 comes round.



Please order before 8am on the day your child will have the lunch, so the kitchen know how many servings of each option to cook. (If you forget to order your child will be asked what they want at morning registration). 


Please talk to your child about their lunches and what they like and don't like. We know children can be fickle, so you can change your choices on Arbor right up to 8am on the day. To avoid food waste meals are prepared to the ordered numbers, so children can't change their minds any later than that. Your child will be served the meal that you have ordered for them. If we notice they are regularly struggling with a particular meal we will try our best to let you know.


If your child always has PACKED LUNCHES please use Arbor to let us know, to save time at morning registration. It's quick and easy for you to select the whole term.





Reception and Yrs 1 and 2

All Key Stage 1 children are entitled to free lunches under the government's Universal Free School Meals scheme. You can provide a packed lunch for your child if you prefer.



Key Stage 2

For children in Yr 3 and above the price of a school meal is £2.70 


Pay for meals on Arbor. You can do this via the Arbor App on your phone or tablet, or by clicking  the Arbor button on our website homepage (or by clicking here) from your PC or laptop. 


Meals must be paid for in advance. Please make sure your child's account is in credit before they order a meal.


As the school is charged a small percentage on every transaction, we would appreciate payment for a block of 5 meals (£13.50), or more, at a time.