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LGBT+ Support Links



The Proud Trust

The charity behind The Rainbow Flag Award, who offer specific support for LGBT+ youth and their trusted adults, including schools and colleges.



The national LGBT+ charity who offer a range of services to help and support LGBT+ people, including school, college and workplace support.


Bristol Mind

A Bristol based charity who offer a range of mental health and wellbeing support, including specialist services for LGBT+ people.


A support network for parents and carers of LGBT+ young people.


The Albert Kennedy Trust

A charity who strive to provide safe homes and better futures for LGBT youth who experience homelessness or hostile environments.


The LGBT Consortium

A national organisation who focuses on the development and support of LGBT groups.


Offering family and individual support for young people and their families dealing with gender issues.


The Gender Alliance

An organisation who work to support the trans community, specialising in supporting young trans people.


Bristol Pride without Borders

A local support group for LGBT+ asylum seekers or refugees.


Talk to the Rainbow

A local mental health service providing LGBT+ support in and around Bristol.