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Who are the Friends?


The Friends of Hillcrest is a registered charity (Charity Number 1076381) - a voluntary group of parents and carers that, over the years, has raised thousands of pounds for equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education. But FOH is about much more than just fundraising. It exists to forge closer links between home and school, and is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and carers together in support of Hillcrest.


Funds are raised throughout the year from whole community events such as the Winter and Summer fairs, Comedy Nights and year group activities such as storytelling picnics, cakes sales and discos, as well as one-off fundraisers such as the Christmas cards.



The money we raise together is used to fund all sorts of things to enrich our children's school experience and to make sure ALL the children have access to activities, regardless of parents' means.



All members of the school community can get involved even if you only have a small amount of time to give - any help throughout the year is invaluable. You can also volunteer to be a Committee Member or a Class Representative - each class needs two Reps.


Everyone is very welcome at meetings - you don't need to be a committee member - and it’s a great way to be involved with the school community.  Events and meetings are advertised on the school website, in the school newsletter and on our notice board in the KS1 playground.


We are always looking for parents and carers to get involved. If you would like to donate some of your time, or have comments, queries or suggestions, then please speak to your Class Rep or drop us an email:



Who's who?


Amy Dalzell


Chair and Trustee

Leanne Morgan

Deputy Chair and Trustee

Sarah Breton  

Treasurer and Trustee

Kay Clark

Secretary and Trustee

Zoe Ford

Communications Manager

Bridget Norman

Head Teacher and Trustee

Kate Timney


Cecily Palmer


Adam Baddeley


Marc Pate


Zoe WalkerTrustee


Who does what?



This role also works well shared between two people.

  • Ensures Friends of Hillcrest fulfils its aims and purposes (enriching the children’s experience and education).
  • Plans potential calendar of events for the year with the help of the Secretary/committee and Friends members. Liaises with the school to schedule events and avoid clashes with the school timetable.
  • Oversees communication with the School (with help of the Secretary) regarding Friends meetings and forthcoming events.
  • Ensures meetings take place each term and as required to support events.
  • Makes sure Trustees are informed and consulted about the spending of Friends money/funding requests and that all opinions are heard.
  • Provides support at events where possible.

Deputy Chair

  • Supports the Chair and the committee. Helps plan the Friends’ events for the year, shares opinions and ideas.
  • Attends Friends’ meetings, ensures events are resourced to take place and provide support at events where possible.


  • Provides administrative support by sharing the following with the school mailbag / website, the Friends mailing list and class reps.
    • Dates of Friends meetings (approx one per term and as required to support events).
    • Minutes of Friends meetings.
    • Updates on Friends activities where required.
  • Writes minutes at Friends meetings.
  • Helps plan Friends’ events for the year. Shares opinions and ideas and gives support at events where possible.


  • Ensures money raised is recorded and banked.
  • Manages the budget.
  • Makes payments for purchases.
  • Writes an end of year summary of the accounts.

(six in total)

  • Provides advice and oversight for Friends. Supports the Chair by ensuring money raised is spent carefully and well. Provides their views on plans/costs for events and other activities to be funded with Friends’ money in line with aim (enriching the children’s experience and education).
  • Makes suggestions about activities/events Friends should fund to fulfil our aims (enriching the children’s experience and education).
  • Attends Friends’ meetings and provide support for events where possible. 

Class reps (two per year group)

  • Shares information with a WhatsApp group for their class/year group about upcoming Friends activities / events.
  • Feeds back ideas or comments from the class/year group.
  • Attends some Friends’ meetings, but no obligation to join them all.


  • Gives some time to support or lead an activity / event (or part of an activity / event), either in the run up or on the day. Any amount of time is extremely helpful to Friends!
  • Shares opinions and ideas for activities / events.