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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


6NW - Harvey Milk class & 6PB - Edward Jenner class

Why Edward Jenner?


Head and shoulders detail from a black and white engraving of Edward Jenner.


Watch our video to find out why he is our inspiration -

Edward Jenner 6PB

Why Harvey Milk?


Black and white photo of Harvey Milk riding on the roof of a car at the head of a big demonstration, with placards, banners and balloons. He has a huge smile and is holding up a clenched fist



Term 1 Letter

Welcome back to school! The last few years have had its ups and downs thanks to Covid but we are looking forward to a wonderfully smooth and productive year.


The Year 6 Team are delighted to be taking you on the final voyage of your primary school adventure. We are preparing a fantastic final year for you - with SATs, Year 6 Camp, Business Enterprise and Production. We work very closely together and, although your child may be with one teacher on paper, they will get to know all members of the Year 6 team through groupings, collaborative tasks, performances and year group projects .


Head and shoulders photo of Mr Wilson.6NW - Mr Wilson

This will be my third year at Hillcrest and I am delighted to be joining the Year 6 team! This year, I will be working with Mr McIntyre to look after our English curriculum, as well as leading our school to achieving the Rainbow Flag Award, and I will be continuing to co-produce our much-loved school’s podcast From the Crest of the Hill. Outside of school, I enjoy photography, swimming, Zumba and reading. I like to sing and am a bass in my choir, Sing Out Bristol. I can often be found taking unnecessarily long road trips to find cute beaches with scenic clifftop and/or seaside walks with my few, but carefully selected, friends!


Head and shoulders photo of Mr Boyle.6PB – Mr Boyle

I absolutely love teaching and try and use humour wherever appropriate. I have a keen interest in history, philosophy and sports. This will be my fourth year at Hillcrest; I continue to be a Year 6 class teacher and I will be History lead and looking after CUSP. I’m originally from Ireland but have lived in England for many, many years. I have a huge family (typical of Ireland) – I have six brothers and one sister! In my spare time I love to cycle, run, read, write, cook (I’m a vegan) and socialise with all my many friends.


Head and shoulders photo of Mrs Hendy.Mrs Hendy

I joined Hillcrest in 2012 and have always worked in year six, supporting children in their final stage of primary school. I am part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing team at Hillcrest and run various groups to support children with any worries and anxieties they may have. I have three boys, who also attended Hillcrest Primary, so I have had years of experience with various stages of parenting - my twins are 20 and I’m still learning! In my spare time I love to do cross stitch, visit friends, explore Bristol by foot and go to the seaside. This year I plan to read more and watch TV less!


Head and shoulders photo of Miss Grant.Miss Grant

I have been at Hillcrest for more than ten years and I am so thrilled to be moving into Year 6 this year; finally, I’ve worked in every year group in the school! I work in the mornings in 6NW giving one-to-one support. Like Mrs Hendy, I have three teenage boys who like to keep me on my toes! My oldest is off to university this year, and my youngest is reaching the end of secondary school. Whenever I’m not busy being a mum, I like to read and enjoy getting to do home improvements.



Brief snapshot of the term ahead:


Maths - Our main job this term is to assess the children and teach or re-teach as appropriate. Lots of place value work with numbers going into the millions and including decimals. We will also be revising lots of arithmetic work so please ensure your children know their times tables off by heart at home.


English/Enquiry - This term, our enquiry is “How do we all live together”. We will be teaching the children about different forms of governance; the children will compare five specific monarchs, their leadership and decision making. We will also explore immigration and how this has shaped Britain today – our language and culture, with a focus on The Windrush Scandal. We will be using our enquiry knowledge to inspire our writing. Firstly, we will be learning to use debating skills to argue concisely, effectively and persuasively. We will then be exploring personal experiences and accounts of Caribbean immigrants so that the children can maturely produce a first person account of what those experiences may have been like.


Science - Light will be our focus as scientists this term. Key words to ask your children about would be shadows, reflection, refraction, transparent and opaque.


PE - This term PE will be on Thursday with Future Stars. Your child should be bring their full PE kit on this day each week.


Swimming - Year 6 will be swimming each Tuesday from 14th September. The children must bring swimming kit, a towel and a water bottle (if not already in school). Children with long hair must bring a hair tie and all children are welcome to bring a swimming cap and goggles.


Home Time - As the children are now the oldest in the school we understand that they may be allowed to walk home alone. If you want your child to walk home, please fill in the appropriate form and send it to the office.


Homework - Will continue to be set on Seesaw each week.


Date for your diary - Wednesday 22nd September - Curriculum Evening


If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to write an email to or and we will get back to you as soon as we can.