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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


4RT - Marsha P Johnson Class

Why Marsha P Johnson?

We chose Marsha as our role model because she represents being yourself and celebrating differences between us. She was an outspoken advocate for gay rights and was one of the prominent figures in the Stonewall Uprising of 1969.


Head and shoulders photo of Martha Johnson, smiling, with a dramatic headdress of white flowers and beads.



4SL - Katherine Johnson Class

Why Katherine Johnson?

We chose Katherine as our role model because she overcame many barriers in her life to become one of the four women, known as the human calculators, to calculate the figures for the first successful flight into space and helped NASA to become what it is today. 


A dignified studio portrait of Katherine Johnson in later life.


Mr THead and shoulders photo of Mr Taylor.aylor

I love sport, especially tennis and football. I also enjoy travelling and used to live in Thailand.



Mrs Loader 

Head and shoulders photo of Mrs Loader.Mrs Loader is the teacher in Johnson class.  She enjoys playing badminton and dancing her socks off.  She also enjoys reading and baking cakes with her family.


Our teaching assistants are:

Miss Harding

Head and shoulders photo of Miss Harding.






Mrs Price

Head and shoulders photo of Mrs Price.






and Miss McNeilage

Head and shoulders photo of Miss McNeilage.





Here's to a great year!


The Year 4 Team



Term 2 Newsletter

Welcome back.  We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and a Happy New Year.  We hope you are looking forward to the next term, we know we are!


We are Geographers and Historians

This term we will be exploring maps and atlases to find places around the world.  We will explore what longitude and latitude are and locate different locations using Google Maps and atlases.  We will continue our research into exploring land uses both now and in the past, particularly focussing on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and how the land was used when they settled in England and where they came from.


We are Authors

We will be continuing to link our writing to our enquiry this term.  We will be exploring how to write a narrative based on a rags to riches story.  Later in the term, we will explore how to write a non-chronological report about the Vikings.


We are Mathematicians

This term, we will firstly be focussing on formal written methods of multiplication, moving onto to written methods of division.  As the term progresses we will be looking at how to solve multi-step problems and apply our knowledge of the four number operations in a range of contexts.  We will continue to practise our arithmetic skills and times tables.  It would be great if you could practise your child’s times tables at home with them to increase fluency and quick recall – remember quick strategies are also useful.


We are Engineers

This term we are going to design and make our own flags using cross-stitch.  We will explore different flags from around the world during our enquiry units and choose our favourite designs to replicate.



Please make sure you have your PE kits in school all week - our PE is Tuesday (swimming) and Friday mornings.


Student Teachers

We are very lucky to have 2 new student teachers joining us from Monday from UWE who are on their journey to become the next generation of teachers.  We hope you join us in welcoming Georgie Seymour in 4SL and Katie Speers in 4RT.  We know they are looking forward to be working alongside all the amazing children in Year 4.


Key Dates

Tuesday 4th January – INSET DAY

Tuesday 11th January – Swimming starts again

Thursday 13th January – Escape Room Visit

Tuesday 1st February – Last swimming session

Tuesday 8th February – Safer Internet Day

Friday 18th February – Last Day of Term


Reminder – Please make sure you have put names on all your children’s school uniform, PE kit, water bottles and packed lunch boxes/bags.


More information with additional key dates for the diary will follow. In the meantime, we operate an open doors policy, so please feel free to approach us with any questions!


We are looking forward to an exciting term 3.


Kindest Regards

The Year 4 Team J

Mrs Loader, Mr Taylor, Mrs Price, Miss Harding and Mrs Howard


Week 1 Timetable (Starting Week 2)

Week 2 Timetable (Starting week 3 & 4)

The mummification of Macases II