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Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values


Hillcrest is a happy school, at the heart of its community, where both children and staff feel valued and nurtured. Our children benefit from excellent teaching, a rich curriculum and a strong sense of partnership between school and family.

Our school is a fun place to be and there is always something happening to enhance an already exciting curriculum. 



Where all children learn and discover together to create a better world. 





The Four Elements 

R I P E 


There are Four Elements that are used throughout the school and promoted and demonstrated by every member of the Hillcrest Community. Each Element can be expressed as a skill to practise and a virtue to embody.


These Skills and Virtues provide a template for the high expectations we have for behaviour and attitudes towards learning, as well as a common language to use when talking to children about all aspects of life at Hillcrest.


We believe that through our promotion of The Four Elements we not only enable children to become independent learners but we also prepare children to succeed in life in modern Britain.



Perseverance & Positivity



Critical Thinking & Creativity



Collaboration & Respect



Precision & Pride 


Here are the images we use to promote the Four Elements around the school, and help pupils reflect upon the Element they are using and developing. These also feature on the stickers used to celebrate pupils' achievement, and on the certificates that are given out in our Celebration Assemblies. 








We have three school rules... our three 'Be's