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Diverse Dining - How lunchtimes are organised

What is diverse dining?

Diverse Dining is name for our lunchtime arrangements for Years 1-6, where older children and younger children eat together. (Reception children have their lunch separately). 


The aim is to...


  • Provide a calm environment for everyone to eat together
  • Encourage children to improve their table manners
  • Ensure children take pride in their environment, cleaning up after themselves and each other
  • Give children the chance to act as role models and promotes kindness
  • Allow adults to support and help children to develop the art of conversation


How does it work?

The children sit in allocated groups - 6 from an older year group with 6 from a younger year group.


In Term 3, January 2023


  • Yr 1 dine with Yr 4 at 12pm
  • Yr 2 dine with Yr 6 at 12.30pm
  • Yr 3 dine with Yr 5 at 1pm


With support from the adults in the hall, including Miss Norman and Mr Mac, the older children help their younger tablemates by pouring their water, chatting with them over lunch and helping them to clear up. We have a fun question of the day to spark conversation.


Once the children have finished their lunch, staff take them outside to play with their friends.